Navigating the world of popular beauty products is tricky

Tween and teen skincare have a vastly different meaning these days. A few years ago, parents were lucky if their child washed their faces daily, and now, with products going viral on TikTok and used by influencers in beauty videos, we’ve arrived at a new level of awareness about keeping skin clean. While that can be a good thing, not knowing which products are hurting instead of helping young skin is also an issue. Dr. Brooke Jeffy, a tween and teen skincare expert who recently listed her least favorite products that kids are buying at Sephora, took to TikTok for a two-part series on which viral skincare products are safe for young skin.

She talks about viral skincare products Byoma and Bubble first.


What viral skincare products are safe for your kid’s skin? So many of you have been wondering about the safety of Byoma & Bubble skincare products for your tween or teen’s skin. Let’s dive in: Byoma definitely has some acceptable products! Their cleansers and gel cream moisturizer get the green light. While hydrating serums are okay, they may not be necessary for younger skin. You can safely skip the rest. Bubble: With a wide range of products, it can be a bit overwhelming. Simplify their routine by sticking to Bubble’s cleanser, hydrating moisturizer, and sunscreens. Stay tuned for Part 2, where we’ll explore Glow Recipe and Florence Mills! ✨ #TeenSkincare #TweenSkincare #SkincareTips #SkincareRoutine #SkincareForBeginners #Bubble #Byoma

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It can be challenging for tweens and teens to resist the fun, colorful packaging of Byoma products, and the good news is that they’re not all bad, according to Jeffy. “Byoma, as a brand, has some reasonable products—cleansers and gel moisturizers. The hydrating serum is okay but probably not needed,” she says.

Bubble, another super popular skincare brand, isn’t as great. “It’s a harder brand to navigate with so many products, some with more heavy actives, which makes me like it less. If you’re using it, stick to their cleanser, hydrating moisturizer, and sunscreens,” Jeffy says.

In her second video, she continues with brands Glow Recipe and Florence Mills.


What viral skincare products are safe for your kid’s skin? Part 2: Let’s talk about Glow Recipe and Florence Mills.⁠ ⁠ Glow Recipe offers a variety of products with numerous ingredients, some of which may raise questions. If you’re a fan of the brand, consider the avocado cleanser and watermelon glow pink juice moisturizer as safer choices. However, I’m cautious about their sunscreen, as there have been complaints about a noticeable white cast. It might be best to skip everything else from Glow Recipe.⁠ ⁠ Moving on to Florence Mills, their sunny skies moisturizer with SPF is a standout option, providing sun protection for your child’s skin. Additionally, you can confidently go for the magic micellar cleansing gel and hydrating facial moisturizer. Just keep in mind that Florence Mills tends to include a significant number of extracts in their products.⁠ ⁠ What brands should I cover next? Share your suggestions in the comments! 👇 #TeenSkincare #TweenSkincare #SkincareTips #SkincareRoutine #SkincareForBeginners #GlowRecipe #florencemills

♬ original sound – Dr. Brooke Jeffy

Heads up, parents—the uber-popular Glow Recipe isn’t on Jeffy’s list of safe skincare brands. She explains: “It has so many products with so many ingredients with questionable benefits. If you are a fan, stick with their Avocado Cleanser and Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer. Skip everything else.”

She also mentions that she’s not sure about the sunscreen. She hasn’t used it in person, but she has seen lots of complaints about white cast. What’s white cast? It’s when sunscreen leaves a white, filmy layer on your skin.

Florence by Mills is another brand heavy in extracts that are potential allergens, but Jeffy likes the Sunny Skies moisturizer with SPF. Otherwise, stick to the Magic Micellar Cleansing Gel and Hydrating Facial Moisturizer, she says.

If your tween or teen insists on buying and using these viral skincare brands, cleansing products and moisturizers are your best bet. As Jeffy says in several of her videos, kids should skip retinol, acids, toners, and anything else created with mature skin in mind.

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