Video of Kids Marveling at Landline Phones Will Make You Feel So Old

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The look on their faces when they realize it works is priceless

If you want to feel old, watch your kid’s face as you tell them how not only was your phone attached to a wall when you were their age, but you couldn’t see the person on the other end of the line. If you really want to blow their mind, show them an actual working landline phone like this mom, because that is where the magic happens.

A mom of two, who goes by Leah on TikTok, filmed her girls using a landline phone for the first time, and the results are nothing short of spectacular. Not only were they hilariously uncertain of how to use the phone, but they also couldn’t believe you could actually call someone.

The older daughter picked up the phone and was immediately joyful, saying, “It’s actually working!”

“Yeah it’s… it’s a phone,” her mom replied.

“What do I do now?” her daughter said.


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After some instruction, she dialed Leah’s number while urging her to “answer answer!” as her little sister looked on. The video then shows a new clip of both girls calling another phone. The little girl covers her mouth, surprised when the call is successful.

People were quick to comment, saying the video was both adorable but also made them feel ancient, which, same.

“I KNOW IM NOT the only one watching this and realizing we old for real now,” one person wrote.

“’You just put it down’” aka hang up,” another joked.

“The confusion of not knowing what to do after dialing the numbers,” another chimed in.

“They will never know the satisfaction of slamming a phone down to hang up on someone you don’t like..” a commenter rightly posted.

Finally: “As a dinosaur, this makes me happy but also very sad.”

The mom also said the girls were “shook” when she explained that there was not always caller ID. That’s right; you had to pick up the phone and take your chances.

Just imagine if she’d gotten into party lines.

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