This Viral Video of a Mom Trying on Spanx Is Too Relatable & Beyond Funny

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever tried to squeeze yourself into something that resembles a sausage casing when everything goes terribly wrong. You too? Women’s shape-wear: both our best friend and worst enemy, all in one and this viral video of a mom trying on Spanx captures it all.

When mom and blogger behind Knee Deep In Life posted a clip on Facebook of herself trying to squeeze into a teeny tiny band of shape-wear, the entire moment was downright theatrical in its all-too relatable comedy.

The video starts with the sports bra-clad mama saying, “Sometimes I look a bit like Father Christmas because I’m a bit of a freak at the buffet.” Oh, but don’t think she’s body-shaming herself. This mama just likes a little comfortable reinforcement in the way of shape-wear—she’s definitely not shy about her body shape, going on to say, “I’ve not got an issue with that, I like my food.”

Even though she’s a-okay with her shape, the mama also adds that when people look a her, “Instead of just assuming that I like carbs, they look at me as if to go…’what do you do?'” Tired of prying questions about when she was due (um, she’s totally not pregnant!), she knew it was time to order “something.” And that something, in her words, was supposed to help her to “have the stomach of Jennifer Lopez.”

Before slipping on the teeny tiny and not-at-all stretchy undergarment she notes, “I’m pretty sure this is the same size as my thigh.” As she holds it up for comparison, she’s right. Girl, we feel you.

As she squeezes, bends, wiggles, hops and does something that looks like it must be a full-body workout, the mom finally pulls the shape-wear up to her waist. But she doesn’t stop there—not even after ripping it.

After pulling and pushing, the band finally gets stuck around her waist, leaving her running out of the frame screaming, “Kids, can you help mummy.”

And so Spanx claims yet another tired mom…

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: 192635 via Pixabay



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