Do you ever notice how it feels like it’s way too early in the day and there’s just not enough coffee in the world every time you go to drop off your kid at school?Comedian Susannah B. Lewis totally understands, and her viral school drop-off line video completely nails it. Seriously—it captures absolutely everything you’ve probably experienced or thought at least once while dropping your kids off for the day.

With millions of Facebook views and climbing, Lewis’s video has received plenty of attention—and for good reason. Lewis hits on just about every mommy-ing moment that we’ve all probably dealt with during the morning school drop-off—that is, unless you’re one of those lucky mamas that has a BFF who’s the morning carpool chauffeur. (Even so, that BFF is probably thinking these same things, too!)

In her just-under two-minute-long monologue, Lewis rattles off a hilarious line-up of what plenty of parents witness during drop-off. There’s the mom who is up, showered and has probably already fit in her daily work-out. #Goals, right?

Oh, but that’s not all. In her comic mini rant, Lewis also regales some of the other drop-off line regulars, such as the mom who is still taking pics of her kiddo walking into school even though the first day has come and gone, or the kid who can’t seem to get out of their car—as they’re tragically tangled in their massive backpack.

If you’re not yet ready for the back-to-school grind, this video is definitely for you!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Tim Mossholder via Pexels



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