Our Tip for Simplifying Your Wireless Service to Keep the Fam Connected

Keep the family connected with less fuss. This is our pick for the best wireless service for families. Read on.

As parents, we don’t like complicated. We have enough to juggle, and since our kiddos com first, adding anything ultra-elaborate to our everyday lives is a definite no go for us. There’s already a lot of “complicated” in our routines: nap schedules, feeding schedules, playdates, work meetings, tutoring, gymnastics, soccer practice, vet appointments, project deadlines, outgrown shoes, field trips, potty training, grocery shopping, and trying to get a shower. We adore our families, but there’s just not enough space for more. And if you’ve ever looked at your cell phone bill, even if you thought it was the best wireless service for families, you know exactly why we’re not interested in complicated. That’s why we’re so excited about Visible Wireless.

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We were a little thrown off when we found out that Visible is an app-based wireless service. Afterall, we’ve had apps that we won’t trust with our calendars; how would an app-based wireless service be reliable, much less the best wireless service for families? We’ll tell you how.

Visible runs on Verizon’s award-winning 4G and 5G networks. Although Verizon is their parent company, Visible’s business model is a little bit simpler (we love simple!), which allows them to avoid additional cost and provide coverage for more people across the country. So while you’re accessing Verizon’s reliable network, Visible is saving your money and keeping things easy.

Oh, didn’t we mention? Visible Wireless saves you money. They don’t have storefronts or call centers, and they’re able to pass along those savings to you. Beyond that, Visible offers two plans. Two. Not only does that save us money, it also simplifies everything. You’re only paying for what you need, so all those extra upcharges that somehow end up on our traditional cell phone bills are a thing of the past.

Plans include unlimited talk, text, and data comes standard with both plans. That’s unlimited everything with no hidden fees, including all the hotspot usage you can handle. Stream away, all for  $30.00 a month! Add international calling, international texting, and the 5G ultra wideband premium network experience on the Visible+ Plan for $45.00. Those prices seem too good to be true, but trust us. They’re not. You can even add a smartwatch for $5.00 a month. Buy an Apple Watch or bring yours with you to Visible. Swap your old phone out and pick one of Visible’s latest from Apple, Samsung, and Google!

Still not convinced? Get up to $200 to spend online when you buy an eligible device through 2/28/2023. Terms apply.

Simple, budget-friendly, and easy? Visible Wireless is speaking our language.

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