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The Scoop

Tinybeans is built by an army of moms, dads and caregivers just like you.

Our contributor network, Voices, is the platform that shines a light
on unique parenting stories and perspectives, and celebrates
a rainbow of diverse parenting styles, interests and experiences.

Whether you have a hilarious take on the toddler years, want to share a genius parenting hack
or need to bare your soul for some parenting real talk, we want to give your voice a platform to be heard.


Why Should You Join?

Our contributors aren’t afraid to put their stake in the ground on what works for them as parents
trying to keep their tiny humans alive and (relatively) happy—while trying to stay sane themselves.

They also aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves, nor are they afraid of being vulnerable—because
ultimately parents want to empower other parents through their own experiences.

We reach 25 million parents every month across our email,
web and social channels—which means your stories will, too!

We can help you get your name out there and build an audience.
You can help us by bringing your fresh perspective to our amazing community.

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What Makes a Great Voices Story

The stories that perform the best are those that offer compelling, honest
insight into what it’s like to be a parent today—and do so in a way
that doesn’t feel exclusionary, judgmental or pushy.

There are three general types of posts we look for:

Parenting Real Talk
These posts are authentic and unapologetic about parenting and parenthood.
Whether you’re writing an open letter to other parents out there or settling in for a 3 a.m.
marriage confessional, we want to give your vulnerable yet relatable stories a home.

Parenting Humor
Raising tiny humans is a pretty daunting task—but it’s a pretty hilarious job, too.
Sometimes you can’t help but laugh (especially during those tough moments!).
Let’s all let loose with those humorous takes that only other parents can truly appreciate.

Rock Star Parenting
We want your brilliant, sanity-saving parenting hacks and tips that we never would have thought of.
We want to know how you survive being a stay-at-home parent, a working parent, a single parent or a co-parent.
We want to hear from empowered parents raising socially aware kids.
We want to hear about all those #ParentingWins—both your own and those you witness while out and about.

What We're Not Looking For

We all have opinions, but we like to leave divisive topics like breast versus bottle and the like to other outlets.
Tinybeans is an inclusive community where parents come for a positive experience.
That means no judgment, no preaching and no lectures.

At this time, we are not accepting travel-related content, videos, recipes or craft projects.
We reserve the right to remove posts that are otherwise inflammatory, offensive or spam.
Contributors who submit such articles will be banned from our network.
Our FAQ page has more about our content guidelines.


How Voices Works

Once you sign up, you can submit any article you’d like, whenever you like, as often as you’d like!

There are no deadlines, and you are not required to pitch stories.
About 800 words is a good target for posts, though we will happily consider slightly more or less.

We always encourage and welcome original content, but we’re also happy to consider
republishing content that exists on another site (given permission).

At the bottom of each post you contribute, we’ll display your bio with links back to your website and social media profiles.
Take a read through the FAQ page for more information about our network and how posts are promoted.

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