What You Need to Know About VTech’s 3 Newest Baby Monitors

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From the very beginning your little bundles will spend most of their time in sweet slumber. And however you choose to spend the moments between coos, cuddles and snoozes, VTech has you covered. Their baby monitors let you keep tabs on your little one without setting up camp on the nursery floor, and allow you to keep a close eye once they are on the move. So whether you need a second set of eyes or the peace of mind to close yours for a few, VTech has a baby monitor that will give you what you need as a new parent. Read on to find the best monitor for your growing family.

VTech Safe&Sound® DM222 DECT 6.0 Digital Audio Baby Monitor

Stay tuned in while your little one snoozes with the VTech Safe&Sound® DM222 Digital Audio Baby Monitor. This audio-only monitor gives you the ability to go about your day with the confidence of uninterrupted sound. DECT 6.0 technology keeps your connection static free, and ensures no outsiders are eavesdropping on your little one’s adorable babble. And thanks to a rechargeable battery, you’ll never be left hunting for AAs again.

The DM222 keeps baby top of mind. Going beyond basic two-way communication, the monitor can play your little one a soft lullaby as it casts a starry sky onto the surface of your choice to help soothe baby to sleep. All for the price tag you’d expect from a simpler system.

Ultra-portable, it lets you venture anywhere up to 1,000 feet from the baby unit without losing a signal. And while the wearable clip won’t make any fashion mags list hot accessories, it will prevent you from leaving the monitor behind as you hop between projects.

Available at vtechphones.com for $59.95

Do you use a VTECH monitor? Tell us about your experience! If you’re not, which device best suits your family?

vtech-squareFor over 30 years, VTech has been bringing parents peace of mind and helping families stay connected. With VTech you can enjoy life’s little moments—even when you can’t be in the same room. Listen to every giggle and see every sweet sigh without the risk of waking a sleeping babe. Enter promo code bkey6sz2 to save 15% on all baby monitors (2-1-16 to 4-15-16). Shop now.