These Are the Best Spots for Summer Staycations, According to New Study

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Summer vacation or summer staycation? The latter is cheaper, easier and often more convenient for families everywhere. WalletHub just released a new study on the best places for a staycation across the U.S. and cities all around the country made up the top 10. Read on for the full list!

Using 46 key metrics, WalletHub compared more than 180 cities to come up with the best spots to staycation. Recreation (including pools per capita, playgrounds per capita and bike score), food and entertainment (including zoos per capita, movies costs and and museums per capita) and rest and relaxation (including public beaches per capita and idealness of summer weather) all factored into the final scores. The top 10 cities:

  1. Honolulu, HI (65.80 total score)
  2. Orlando, FL (60.87)
  3. San Francisco, CA (59.41)
  4. Charleston, SC (57.40)
  5. Las Vegas, NV (57.13)
  6. Portland, ME (57.11)
  7. Chicago, IL (57.03)
  8. Seattle, WA (56.54)
  9. San Diego, CA (56.53)
  10. Cincinnati, OH (56.33)

Some of the individual scores might surprise you! Cleveland and Philadelphia tied for number of swimming pools per capita. Salt Lake City had the most coffee and tea shops per capita. And Tacoma tied for first in the number of zoos and aquariums per capita.

For the full list of staycation spots, you can read the WalletHub study here. If you need extra ideas for your upcoming break (or rainy day distractions) we’ve got you covered!

––Sarah Shebek

Feature image courtesy of Pixabay



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