The only thing more surprising than how fast a baby can accumulate so much stuff is how fast that little person outgrows all of it. But, with some creative thinking and a little research on how to reuse, you can learn how a bottle rack is perfect for drying fragile glassware, how infant towels can make adorable puppets, and that you can tie old bumpers together to create a great portable nap mat. All of these ideas will help you bring your baby items into the next phase of childhood—keep reading to see them all.

Burp Cloths into Dish Towels

Dominika Roseclay via Pexels

Use all those spit rags and burp cloths as dish towels to wipe up messes, dry pots and pans and even as a cleaning rag. Not only will you give the material a second life, but you'll cut back on the number of paper towels you use on the regular. 

Changing Table to Beverage Cart

Shine Your Light Blog

How's this for a clever repurposing project? After your youngest is potty trained, instead of selling or donating your changing table, simply add wheels, paint (if you want) and use it as a beverage cart, indoors or out. Check out the tutorial over at Shine Your Light. If you'd rather do something the kids can still use, check out this DIY Ice Cream Stand.

Your Favorite Clothing Becomes Your a Treasured Stuffed Animal

Sewing with Knits via

Since most infants double their body weight within the first five months, your little bundle probably never got a chance to wear half their adorable ensembles. Don’t fret! The clever seamstress over at Sewing With Knits created this sweet stuffed animal using outgrown infant clothing. Cute and cuddly, it’s an adorable way to repurpose your little one’s unworn attire. For an added touch of nostalgia, use your favorite outgrown outfit. You’ll likely have enough fabric to remove the milk-stained portions.

Formula Cans and Wipe Containers

Design Improvised

Wipe containers and formula canisters are great vessels for storing everything from toys to art supplies. Design Improvised used decorative paper in various patterns and hues to disguise her empty containers. Find out how here, and be sure to check out some other genius reuse ideas.

Diaper Boxes to Toy Bins

2 Little Faces

Thousands of diaper changes leave behind lots of empty boxes. Instead of recycling, try upcycling. 2 Little Faces used wrapping paper to transform her old diaper boxes into storage bins for her son’s toys. You’d never know that these stylish containers once held a pack of diapers. 

Baby Food Jars to Crayon Holders

Monkey See Monkey Do

Perhaps the most versatile of all the baby gear you might collect, glass baby food jars can be repurposed in tons of ways around the house. Create a decorative new home for your spice collection, grow an herb garden, or save the jars for holding snacks while on the go. The resourceful mom behind Monkey See Monkey Do gave the jars a fresh coat of paint and used them as a color-blocked centerpiece for the kids' art table. If you made your baby food from scratch or opted for the ever-convenient pouch, glass or plastic baby bottles make an excellent substitute for these projects.

Move the Monitor Out of the Bedroom

Chanikarn Thongsupa via Raw Pixel

Once your little one no longer requires supervision while snoozing, let your monitor continue to keep watch in the playroom or backyard. Hang on to the parent base, and you can get things done around the house during playtime. 

Crib Springs to A Photo Display

Allen Mowery Photography

Once your little one has graduated to a big kid bed, put that unused crib to good use. Deconstructed, the pieces can serve multiple uses. We especially love this picturesque idea from Allen Mowry Photography. Once you've made your DIY photo wall art, use the remaining pieces to create a toy chest

Crib to Desk

Straight Stitch Designs

Your little princess (or prince) has shimmied over the castle wall, and it’s time to leave the fortress behind. As they settle into their new big kid bed, consider transforming the crib into a desk or art table they can use for years to come. Check out this transformation by Straight Stitch Designs, and you’ll see it's easier than it sounds.


Stroller to Super Vehicle

Just a Girl and Her Blog

If getting your big kid to sit in a stroller is a feat that only Superman could achieve, then consider transforming those basic four wheels into a vehicle any superhero in training would be excited to pilot. The mom over at Just a Girl and Her Blog has turned her boys’ stroller into everything from the Batmobile to the Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine. 

Mommo Design

If your tall can reach the sink, then take a cue from Mommo Design and create a fun play kitchen out of your old bathroom stool. Compact enough to move around the house, you can even set up a sous chef station while you're making dinner. 

—Lauren Hill

Feature photo: iStock 


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