There’s nothing like a fresh box of new crayons, but sooner or later you’re left with tons of broken pieces––because kids. Before you toss those busted bits into the trash, keep reading to see how your kids can created gorgeous melted crayon art, candles and plenty of other unique ways to upcycle your old crayons.

Crayon Play Dough


Sure, you can make play dough using Kool Aid, but did you know your old, broken crayons make great ingredients, too? Instead of tossing those small pieces, melt them down with your flour, salt and cream of tartar to make vibrant play dough, using this recipe from Sugar Aunts.

Hot Rock Crayon Art

Kids Activities Blog

Perfect for hot summer days or those when you just need a craft, these hot rocks covered in melted crayons from Kids Activities Blog are so creative! Rocks baked in the oven (adult supervision, please!) are set on newspaper and then topped with broken pieces of crayon. Watch the colors melt and make one of a kind beauty!

One of a Kind Valentines

The Nerds Wife

All you need is love, and broken crayons for this fun craft. This easy DIY Valentine from The Nerd's Wife is perfect for using those old broken crayons and sharing the love. Crayons are melted into a silicone heart-shaped baking pan and then attached to a sweet printable, perfect for your valentine.

Shaved Crayon Hearts

Skip to My Lou

The next time you have teeny, tiny broken crayons, make them smaller! Shave the crayon remnants onto heart-shaped paper, then cover with wax paper and iron on low. The result? Beautiful Valentine-worthy hearts like these from Skip to my Lou!

Upcycle Your Crayons for the Greater Good!

Pexels via Pixabay

Did you know there are at least three different national organizations that take old crayons and turn them into something amazing, all for the good of the Earth and kids in need? Well, there are. Click here to learn more about these amazing programs.

Red, Yellow & Blue

Melissa Hecksher

Teach the kiddos about the primary colors and how they rleate to by making an easy color wheel.

Melted Crayon Canvas

Shelly Massey

We’re so charmed by these melted crayon creations that our Atlanta editor whipped up with her kids. It’s easier than you think, plus you get to use all those broken crayons you know you have. All you need is a blow dryer, the crayons and something to let the wax drip on. While a canvas or paper is great, you can even try melting onto a large rock, bottle or even a tree branch.

Make Something New

19melissa68 via Flickr

Gather up all those bits of broken crayon, peel away the paper and organize by color family. Then add the crayon parts to an old muffin tin and place in the oven at about 250 degrees until melted. Remove, let cool and you've got some creatively re-used crayons. You can also try microwaving crayons and pouring the wax into silicone molds to make heart shapes, LEGO bricks or whatever you have around!

Egg-cellent Wax Decorations

The Nerd's Wife

It doesn't have to be Easter to decorate eggs: try this cute trick the next time you want to pack hard-boiled eggs for a picnic. The wax stays on the shell, so the inside remains edible. Try the wax melting method with your old stubby bits of crayon by making these genius eggs from The Nerd's Wife. The heat from freshly boiled eggs melts the crayons into awesome abstract designs. Get the full instructions on how to make these fuss-free beauties by jumping over toThe Nerd's Wife.

Colorful Shells

Fun at Home with Kids

A set of crayons and assortment of shells is all you need to create your very own Crayola Experience at home. Recommended for older artists (oven use required), head over to Fun at Home with Kids for the full how-to.

Comic Strip Creation

a boy draws and writes to create his own comic strip
Melissa Hecksher

Put your coloring skills to the test and help the kiddos create their very own comic book.

Coloring Books (but Not the Kind You Think)

Amber Guetebier

Crayons are a staple in your craft box, but what about on your bookshelf? For example, read: Red, A Crayon’s Story then do: an unexpected coloring experiment. Click here for more ideas on books that go with crayons!


Coloring for Grown-Ups

Ponce Photography via pixabay

Adults coloring is taking the world by storm, and we’re not just talking about sitting next to the kiddos while they do it. Read how coloring can actually help moms de-stress.

A Box of Crayons

Berry Sweet Baby

Got a little guy or a big box? Pop them into the cardboard walls and let them go crazy, no cutting required. Now you have just enough time to go to the bathroom in peace.



—Amber Guetebier & Karly Wood

Feature photo: WorkAndaPix via Pixabay



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