We Tested the New Pelican Explore & Fit Cycle


It’s a no-brainer that kids want to do everything that you do, including those cycling classes they see you so pumped about. The Little Tikes Pelican Explore & Fit Cycle nails it: It’s the kid-sized version of that super popular cycle…we’ll just say it rhymes with “Sweataton.” 

This bike is like a cycling or spin class for kids, personality-pumped trainer included! One of our editors, Jamie Aderski, and her son, Watson (5), tested out the new Pelican Explore & Fit Cycle. Read on to learn more about the hot new bike that is sure to be on every kid’s (and parent’s) wish list! 

The Review

I am a huge spin class fan (but only at home where people can’t see what a mess I am!) and I love my at-home cycling setup. When the Pelican arrived, I have to admit, I was a little jealous… of my five year old—This. Is. COOL! It’s a mini-version of my favorite ride to nowhere plus a full sensory experience—nothing “stationary” about it. Here’s what blew us away about the Pelican:

1. Motivating & Fun Trainers + Adventures

Much like that other bike, Pelican's trainers are full of energy and excitement! I love the ease of access to the vids: Just head to YouTube and hit play. Not only are their trainers top-notch, but the visuals of the videos take kids on adventures! You can experience the thrills of mountain biking or snowboarding (no real skills required) and even a roller coaster. Watson said it best: “It’s like going to another world!". Pelican, take me away...


2. Adjustable!

Jamie Aderski

The bike itself has adjustable seating and handlebars—perfect for kids of all sizes and if you have more than one rider, it can be easily adapted to their height. What we thought was really cool is that there's a lever that adjusts the pedal intensity, with three different levels. Hey, sometimes you wanna ride pedal-to-the-metal and sometimes you just wanna coast—Pelican gets it!


3. More Than Just Pedaling

Hot (and unexpected!) feature alert: The Pelican tilts back and forth to add to the thrills, minus the spills! Not only that, kids can "steer" the front wheel which makes for a good time. My two year old is too little to pedal the bike, but loved that she could just sit on it and go for a "ride". Watson said: "I love how bouncy it is!"—agreed! The Pelican is stationary, but not sedentary and it's pretty darn awesome!

4. Bluetooth Speaker 

Jamie Aderski

This feature feels grown-up and cool. Watson is a big music fan and now can play his favorite jams while riding along to the beat. Favorite songs of the moment? Anything by BTS, Imagine Dragons or that Parry Grip guy—the forecast is always calling for tacos, y'all.


5. No Tablet, No Problem

That’s right. You don’t even need to part with your smartphone for this ride. The Pelican comes with built-in audio adventures to cruise along with. You get excitement right out of the box with or without a screen! 


6. Surprise—You’re Exercising!

Gotcha, kiddo. Pelican made it so simple for our son to get active and have fun!


—Jamie Aderski





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