The Secret Netflix Codes That’ll Let You Watch ALL THE Holiday Movies

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Parents, we all know that when the holiday season arrives a little escape is 100% necessary. If you’re like us, holiday movies are the best way to chill (with the kids or after bedtime!). Once you’ve burned through the classics, check out these secret Netflix codes that’ll help you discover new holiday favorites that are organized in categories like age and themes. Scroll down to get the scoop!

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Whether you’re looking for romantic Christmas movies or something other than Elf for the kids to watch, thes codes will help you out!

To discover some new holiday family favorites just access your Netflix account and type these codes directly into your search bar.

You can also simply copy and paste this URL into your browser bar: Then replace “CODE” with one of the numerical codes from the list below for the category you want.

Christmas for Kids (1726277)

Christmas, Children & Family Movies (1474017)

Festive Family Fun (81351538)

Feel-Good Christmas, Children & Family Films (1475066)

Christmas, Children & Family Films, Canadian (1721544)

Christmas, Children & Family Films, European (1527063)

British Christmas Children & Family Films (1527064)

Christmas, Children & Family Films, Goofy (1475071)

Christmas Films, Romantic (1394527)

Christmas TV Cartoons (1395703)

Christmas TV Comedies (1395700)

Christmas Comedies (1474015)

Happy watching!

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured image: August de Richelieu via Pexels


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