The items we carry around in our pockets can tell a lot about who we are and how we spend our days. Kids don’t always have the same things in their pockets, but what they do take with them can be an interesting assortment of objects. These items can really tell you about who your child is at a certain point in time.

SavingSpot talked with parents from all around the world about what was in their kid’s pockets. They compiled their results from children ages six and under from all over the globe.Parents were tasked with photographing the objects in their children’s pockets at the end of the day and answer a few questions about the items they found. The results were heartwarming. 

Dante, Age 5 (Argentina)

Kid pockets

5-year-old Dante carries a lot around in his pockets. There is candy that comes with a temporary tattoo, scraps of plastic, a toy. A peddle, coins, a scrunchie, a seashell and a picture card. Dante says, “I like to save little treasures.” 

His parents shared, “Dante has a very observant eye, loves details and little things,” they said. “He is always looking for treasures to collect and include in his adventures. He loves nature.”

Nadya, Age 5 (Ukraine)

Kid pockets

William,Age 6 (USA)

kid pockets

William carries around a Transformer, a Harry Potter LEGO, a toy cauldron and gummy bears. He explains, “Harry can have adventures with me wherever I go,” he said. “The candy is for after lunch. The Transformers pieces belong to Optimus Prime.”

“He’s obsessed with both Harry Potter and LEGOs right now,” his parents said. “He still has a good stash [of candy] leftover from trick or treat night.”

Brigid, Age 4 (USA)

kid pockets

Brigid had seashells, a stone, a conker and a car key in her pocket. She explained, “They were my treasure collection from when we were playing pirates.”

Her parents said, “Brigid loves things that are beautiful or shiny, and her collection definitely seems to reflect that!”

Wyatt, Age 4 (UK)

kid pockets

Wyatt had toy cars, a marble, a pebble, a stick, a mini T-Rex, some LEGOs and a cereal bar in his pocket. He said if he could carry anything around with me it would be a “T-Rex! Because they are the kings.”

Wyatt’s parent said, “Experience has taught me to never be surprised by what Wyatt manages to stash in his pockets. Even so, this is a particularly diverse collection of his usual favourites.” 


Bilal, Age 5 (India)

kid pockets

Bilal had a tissue, a credit card, coins, and cars in his pockets. He said, “I love cars and I love to play with the coins because they are shiny.”

The strangest thing his parents ever found in his pocket is his father’s credit card.

—Jennifer Swartvagher

All photos courtesy of SavingsSpot


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