Here’s What Mom Really Wants for Her Big Day

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Here’s an idea. Make it easy on yourselves and skip the usual flowers, cards, chocolates and lunch this Mother’s Day. Instead, pick the perfect present from the list of ideas below. Carefully curated by moms for moms, we’ve got what she really wants. Scroll down for the goods (and a laugh or two).

1. Private bathroom breaks all day long.

No one is allowed in the potty when mom is going. Even if she’s in there for a long, long time. No cheating by yelling through the door to ask what she’s doing in there. That’s just bad manners, and your mother taught you better than that. Anyway, it’s Mother’s Day, so she doesn’t have to answer.

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2. A full day of clothing compliance.

Mom picks the outfit, the children wear it. No questions asked. No temper tantrums. No complaints about itchy sweaters, tight sleeves, uncomfortable waistbands, hating jeans/dresses/socks/boots/fill-in-the-blank. The kids just wear the clothes with a smile. Ahhh…a gal can dream, right?!

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3. Every child grooms him or herself all day.

Imagine a 24-hour period of time where mommy doesn’t have to help blow noses, wipe one tush, or brush one head of hair. It could happen!

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4. A one-day pass from cleaning the house (Yes, that includes the kitchen.).

She will not be making beds, picking up clothes off of the floor, and no, honey, she doesn’t think it would be a great idea to have your whole family over for a Mother’s Day brunch unless you’re planning to cook and clean up the whole thing by yourself. OK? Love ya!!

5. 24-hour remote control.

Say so long to Paw Patrol and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Mama’s playing couch commando today, and she’s headed over to BRAVO to see her friends the Real Housewives. Back-to-back hours of catty bickering between grown women. Sounds marvelous!

6. An entire afternoon of silence.

There will be no arguing, fighting, bickering, nagging or whining for one whole afternoon (we'd settle for one hour...or even five minutes!). The only noise will be the sound of mom sipping her wine while watching Netflix on the device of her choice, turning pages of an actual book, or taking a long, uninterrupted nap.

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7. To hear two simple words.

Thank. You. That's it. Letting mom know she's appreciated goes a long, long way. Psst! A hug makes it feel even more special.


— Gabby Cullen & Jo Aaron

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