People born in June fall under both the Gemini or Cancer zodiac sign

If your kiddo was born in the sixth month of the year, you already know that people born in June are outgoing, charming, and creative. And even though they can be more than a handful sometimes, June babies tend to grow up to be healthy, cheerfully optimistic people. Discover more characteristics and fun facts about June babies, including exactly which precious gem is June’s birthstone.

people born in June
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1. June people are healthier and more optimistic.
According to a study published in Heliyon, summer-born babies are more likely to grow up to be healthy adults. Researchers theorize that greater exposure to sunlight and higher vitamin D exposure leads to better overall well-being.

2. Summer people are expressive and quick-witted, but can also have a dark side.
Characteristics shared by many Geminis are sociability, excellent communication skills, and an always-ready-for-fun attitude. But like all Geminis who can possess two different personalities in one, June-born people can turn from fun-loving to super-serious and thoughtful without notice.

3. Most people born in June are Geminis, the social butterfly sign in the zodiac.
These quick-witted passionate people are comfortable talking to anyone about anything.

4. Imagination rules for June-born Geminis.
Thanks to their co-ruling planets, Venus and Uranus,  June-born Geminis rarely are at a loss for ideas. Their imaginations rule them and can always be counted on to devise clever solutions to even the most complex problems.

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4. Summer-born babies are happy ...
Science has found that the season of one’s birth can have a lifelong impact on moods, and babies born in the summer months—from June through August—are shown to be the least susceptible to sadness brought on by seasonal affective disorders.

5. June's birthstone is a pearl—representing innocence and purity.

6. June babies are giving and forgiving.
Most people born in June fall under the sign of Gemini, which means they frequently see both sides of an argument. As a result, June-born people are forgiving and generous. Their Gemini-ness, however, means that they also can be indecisive.

8. There are plenty of celebrities with June birthdays.
People born in the sixth month of the year share their birth month with celebrities like Natalie Portman, Morgan Freeman, Meryl Streep, Kendrick Lamar, Anderson Cooper, Liam Neeson, Michael Cera, and more.



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