Know someone born in the 7th month? They’ve got a few advantages

If you were born in July or have a little one with a July birthday, keep reading because summer babies, particularly people born in July, are good leaders, creative, and often left-handed. July babies also share a birth month with Princess Diana, Robin Williams, Jennifer Lopez, and so many more.

People born in July are either Cancer or Leo.

People born June 21-July 22 are born under the sign of Cancer. They are highly intuitive and like their celestial animal, the crab, tend to have a hard outer shell that can be hard to penetrate, so they can be slow to open up to others. People born July 22-Aug 22 are born under the sign of Leo. Full of passion and vivacity, Leos love to be in the spotlight. They are known for their ambition and bravery.

They are funny—and super-devoted to their families.

Astrologically speaking, babies born in July are known to be devoted family members, especially if they are Cancer. You know what that means, Mom and Dad? Your darling baby bundle will grow up to be a caring kid… and a loyal adult child. They’ll always be there to help you (and their siblings) out, even when they have a family of their own.

They may not see you, though.

Get your vision insurance plans in order. An Israeli study of 300,000 military applicants found that June and July babies have a higher risk of suffering from short-sightedness. According to the study, the more sunlight a newborn is exposed to, the higher the risk of myopia (short-sightedness). But it’s not all bad news. Lead researcher Michael Belkin of Tel Aviv University said there’s a simple solution to help summer-born eyes: Sunglasses (which are, by the way, totally adorable on babies).

They’re happier.

Summer baby = happy grown-up? Possibly, according to a Vanderbilt University study that suggests babies born in the summer are less likely to be depressed than their winter-born counterparts. Researchers believe the happy quotient may have to do with a newborn’s “biological clock” being permanently stamped by the summer’s light cycle. In other words: They start sunny… and stay that way!

They are good leaders. 

People who are Leos are known for their strength, optimism, and refusal to accept. They often inspire others and tend to take charge in the workplace, all traits of a good leader.

The July birthstone is Ruby.

Rubies are one of the gemstones that are often read about in history. They symbolize wealth and prosperity, and passion. Medieval Europeans often wore rubies, as they were seen as a sign of prosperity. Ancient Hindus would offer rubies to the god Krishna in hopes of being reborn as an emperor.

July babies are often left-handed.

Of the 10% of left-handed people in the world, according to this study, many of them are born in July. The reason? They aren’t quite sure.

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