Netflix’s New Scare-o-Meter Helps You Pick Which Scary Movies to Watch

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We get it—sometimes Halloween can be scary for little kids—but even the most hardened grownup might get a little spooked this time of year, too! With the Netflix scare factor matrix, now you can figure out just which movies you should watch through your fingers—or maybe skip altogether this year.

October brings streaming viewers a whole month of “Netflix and Chills.” Starting with The Shining on Oct. 1, Netflix has all kinds of Halloween treats for viewers. Your tweens and teens can enjoy the Netflix Original horror anthology series Creeped Out while your younger kiddo can catch lighter fare such as Super Monsters Save Halloween. But what about for mom and dad?

With different degrees of scaredy cats in mind, Netflix’s scare factor matrix breaks down their shows and movies into realistic, enchanting, terrifying and supernatural categories. The oh-so-helpful visual display plots the picks according to where they fit into the grand scheme of Halloween fright.

Still can’t decide? Netflix even has a handy dandy Scary Movie Decision Maker, too!

Thankfully, there are plenty of kid-friendly Halloween movies and shows on Netflix if these grownup titles are still too much for you!

—Erica Loop

All photos: Courtesy of Netflix



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