We’re not messing with the same old white elephant gift ideas, and you can get these in no time from Amazon

Are you totally over the same old white elephant gift ideas? Because we are. In fact, this particular gift exchange can be downright painful as you watch people pass around a re-gifted off-brand lotion set and try to laugh at another Big Billy Bass. We completely understand because we’ve been there. But this year? This year, we’re changing things up with this roundup.

The best white elephant gifts are either funny, ridiculous, useful, or actually cool. If they’re a combination of any of those, then all the better, but ideally, if your white elephant gift idea is at least one of those things, you did it right. And, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got funny, practical, and downright goofy gifts (and we’re not sorry). The best part? They’re available on Amazon, so it takes just a day or two before they’re to your door. In the market for something a little more traditional, but still need it fast? Check out our last-minute gifts from Amazon post.

Awkward Family Photos Greatest Hits


It takes 5 minutes to learn, but if you've ever played 'What Do You Meme?', you already know how. And Awkward Family Photos is just as funny (if not funnier).

Awkward Family Photos Greatest Hits ($24.99)—Buy Here!

Dino Nugget Plush


Available in stegosaurus, brontosaurus, or in a serving size—uh, we mean in a 5-pack.

Dino Nugget Plush ($17.49)—Buy Here!

Bicycle Pizza Cutter


This one has almost 5 stars from Amazon customers, so it's not a white elephant gift they won't use.

Bicycle Pizza Cutter ($22.95)—Buy Here!

Retro Record Coasters


Even comes with a record player holder.

Retro Record Coasters ($18.99)—Buy Here!

Snail Soap Dispenser


The snail soap dispenser comes in 3 colors to match any bathroom aesthetic that's missing a snail.

Snail Soap Dispenser ($12.99)—Buy Here!

Snoop Dogg Cookbook


With hits like Go Shorty, It's Your Birthday Cake and Billionaire's Bacon, we might go ahead and snag one of these for ourselves.

Snoop Dogg Cookbook ($17.48)—Buy Here!

Folding Board


Is this a shirt folding board like the one you had to use when you worked at The Buckle in 11th grade? It sure is.

Folding Board ($16.99)—Buy Here!

Mall Madness Board Game


Remember how stoked you were to get the original Mall Madness for Christmas back in 1989?

Mall Madness Board Game ($32.95)—Buy Here!

Toast Night Light


His little toast feet even hold your phone.

Toast Night Light ($10.00)—Buy Here!

Prosecco Pong


It's just like Beer Pong, but with Prosecco. You know, because classy.

Prosecco Pong ($11.38)—Buy Here!

Fish Pouch


You can stuff this fish pouch to the gills. ...we're sorry.

Fish Pouch ($11.99)—Buy Here!

Mermaid Tail Blanket


While we're on the subject of ocean life, why not bring this blanket to the gift exchange? Comes in 3 colors/styles.

Mermaid Tail Blanket ($25.99)—Buy Here!

Wet n Wild 'Sesame Street' Makeup Brushes


Includes a powder brush, contour/blush brush, eyeshadow brush, and a crease blending brush.

Wet n Wild 'Sesame Street' Makeup Brushes ($13.98)—Buy Here!

Elf Ear Buds


Seasonally-appropriate and functional, these ear buds are giving a vibe. What that vibe is, we aren't sure.

Elf Ear Buds ($14.99)—Buy Here!

Collapsible Travel Cup with Straw


When you just have to have a 16oz cup, you'll be all set. Comes in multiple colors.

Collapsible Travel Cup with Straw ($19.95)—Buy Here!

Programmable LED Display for Car


For when you just have to tell everyone on your route something.

Programmable LED Display for Car ($30.99)—Buy Here!

Simply Lemonade AirPods Cover


Also available in Gatorade and Bubble Tape, in case lemonade isn’t doing it for you.

Simply Lemonade AirPods Cover ($9.98)—Buy Here!

POPCO Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper with Handles


BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and available in multiple colors.

POPCO Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper with Handles ($20.99)—Buy Here!

Liquid Death Sparkling Water 12pk


Don't worry. It's just sparkling water.

Liquid Death Sparkling Water 12pk ($16.14)—Buy Here!

Music Genius Playing Cards


Featuring some of the most iconic music legends, these playing cards are actually very cool.

Music Genius Playing Cards ($9.89)—Buy Here!

Dinosaur Folding Comb & Brush Set


Technically, dinosaurs probably had feathers, not hair, but we won't keep bringing it up or anything.

Dinosaur Folding Comb & Brush Set ($10.00)—Buy Here!

Art Dice


Whether they use it as a game or just for inspiration, creative artists everywhere will love this.

Art Dice ($22.95)—Buy Here!

Glass Silly Straws


Comes in a set of 6 and includes a cleaning brush.

Glass Silly Straws ($17.99)—Buy Here!

Andy Warhol Puzzle


Also available in Warhol's famous banana or Marilyn portrait.

Andy Warhol Puzzle ($14.81)—Buy Here!

Saucemoto Dip Clip


Keep that BBQ sauce or honey mustard just a dip away wit these dip clips, designed to be used in the car.

Saucemoto Dip Clip ($11.99)—Buy Here!

'How to Survive a Bear Attack'


Hopefully, they'll never need this. But if they do, it's kinda like having Ron Swanson helping you out.

'How to Survive a Bear Attack' ($12.90)—Buy Here!

Nicholas Cage Sequin Pillow Cover


This soon-to-be heirloom is just the pillow cover, so you may need to throw in a pillow insert.

Nicholas Cage Sequin Pillow Cover ($17.99)—Buy Here!

Potato Head The Yamdalorian and The Tot


As is holiday tradition, here's The Yamdalorian and The Tot.

Potato Head The Yamdalorian and The Tot ($13.99)—Buy Here!

Balloon Animal Candle


It's sandalwood-scented. Like balloon animal dogs usually are, of course.

Balloon Animal Candle ($24.97)—Buy Here!


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