Why Apple’s Big iMessage Update Will Be a HUGE Hit for Kids

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Video: BuzzFeed Tech via Facebook

Apple is revamping it’s iMessage for iOS 10, and we’re beyond excited about it. Our kids like to send iMessages to relatives using emojis, so we can imagine they’ll love this, too – especially the feature that allows hand-drawn words (or in their case, scribbles).

The biggest change for grown-ups is the new media system that lets you embed YouTube links or other web features without leaving iMessage (woohoo!).

You AND the kids will love the new full-screen animation (in the video above, the user made it rain with confetti). Not to mention the “bubble effects” which allow you to change the way messages appear within their bubbles, adding a suite of animations like “Slam,” “Gentle” and “Invisible Ink.”

We an also pretend to be cool by changing our real words into emojis, just like the cool kids. This feature lets you “emojify” words after a message has been typed. It will highlight specific words and allow users to transform them into linked emoji in a jiffy. 👏🏼 👌🏼 💛 📱.

Watch the video, and let us know which feature you’re most excited for!

H/T: BuzzFeed Tech