For me, the magic of the holiday season has so much to do with tradition—keeping the old ones alive and creating new traditions. Ever since I became a mom, the magic of Christmas has felt fresh to me again, and I love experiencing everything through my kids’ eyes. Christmas memories still remain some of my favorite from my own childhood, and there are a few traditions we’re replicating this year and a couple of new ones we’re adding, too!

Classic Holiday Traditions We’ll Always Celebrate

Going to the Big Apple Circus

One of my favorite traditions growing up was going to the Big Apple Circus during Christmas time as a family. This year I went on StubHub’s holiday site and found tickets to the Big Apple Circus for Christmas Day. I’m going to surprise my kids on Christmas morning and take them into the city later that day.

To make the gift as exciting to unwrap as it is to attend, I will pair the tickets with a beautiful glass ornament of a circus animal, red clown noses and circus peanuts.

Letting the Kids Pick Toys to Donate to Children in Need

There was always a huge emphasis on giving back when I was growing up, and the holiday season was no different. Each year around Christmas, my mom would have us go through our clothes and toys and choose some to donate to less fortunate children. They always had to be in tip-top shape as well—nothing broken or worn out.

This was a great way to place focus on the true meaning of Christmas, while also clearing out room for the gifts that Santa would bring. I love this tradition, and now each year I have my kids select five toys each to give away.

New Holiday Traditions We’re Adding This Year

Elf on the Shelf

We never had one growing up, but I can’t help but love this adorable Christmas tradition—and my kids do too! It’s fun to come up with creative ways for our kids to find Berry (our Elf) in the morning, and I gotta say I ADORE having a little bit of a Positive Christmas Behavior reinforcer who sits on my mantle every day “threatening” my kids, LOL. Berry has only been with us a few weeks and already she has stopped multiple tantrums mid-scream. If that’s not a Christmas miracle, I don’t know what is!

Giving Experience Gifts

Sometimes getting inspired to buy something special for your loved ones during the holiday season can be overwhelming: how do you pick something that will truly stand out and not gather dust in the corner after a couple of months? The past few years I’ve been giving experiences for Christmas, and this year I’m giving live events to some of my nearest and dearest.

I went on StubHub and I’m giving my husband tickets to see Hamilton, which is finally going on a U.S. tour! Along with the tickets, I am going to give him a copy of one of my favorite books, Howard Zinn’s A People’s History Of The United States, a journal, pen and a copy of the Hamilton soundtrack so we can memorize all the songs before we go!

We live just outside NYC and there is nothing more chic or bucket list than the New York Philharmonic! I am gifting my in-laws and parents four tickets (so we can go to), packaged in an ice bucket with a bottle of champagne, two glasses and some thematic ornaments for extra sparkle.

Happy Holidays all, I hope you enjoy some old and new traditions this year.

Featured Photo Courtesy: erin walker via Unsplash
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