While visiting the beach can be a year-round treat, especially when you’re targeting East Coast beaches, we’re leaning into starting new habits in advance of the new year. In the travel realm, this means booking ahead. 

No matter if it’s a couples getaway or a caravan road trip with your entire family, there are many reasons why planning your spring and summer travel now is a great idea. 

Picture yourself with toes in the sand, warm sun on your face and a day full of opportunities ahead of you. Now log on to visitmyrtlebeach.com and bring that mirage to life with major “book ahead” benefits.

Reasons to book your travel in advance

1. Better and more affordable travel options 

Having some flexibility when it comes to travel is a real gift. You’ll find that booking in advance yields great rewards across the board from airfare to car rentals to hotels. Picture yourself planning from a place of calm versus competition for availability.

Another key element is having more time to save up. As the holidays round the corner, you can incorporate travel experiences into your gift list without having to pay right now. Have your kids been begging for a visit to an amusement park, or do you think they’d jump for joy when handed a full day of adventure on the water? You can wrap up these experiences in fun packaging and gift them over the course of the holiday season.

2. More time to research your destination and activities

The beauty of a destination like Myrtle Beach is that there is so much to do. That’s why it’s called The Beach after all. Locking in your travel accommodations in advance allows you to have more fun and freedom figuring out your itinerary. Plus, purchase tickets to any events, museums, theme parks or shows, and enjoy early bird perks as they pop up. To get you started, we’ve built some sample itineraries for you to explore. We’ve got your vacation inspiration covered across the board with ideas for adventure seekers, culture and history buffs, and foodies, as well as all of you beach and sun lovers.

3. Longer lead time to coordinate travel plans with family and friends

Need anyone to water the plants or watch the pets while you’re gone? Maybe you’re hoping to travel with another family or bring the grandparents along. Gift “future you” the ease of coordination by having those conversations now.

4. Bask in the anticipation of fun to come

Studies show that having something to look forward to on the calendar can actually affect your brain chemistry and make you feel happy in the present. If science is in support of creating these anticipatory moments, then so are we. Time to mark the family calendar and circle it twice.

Trip planning can also become a fun family activity when you have time to approach it that way. Host family planning sessions and let everyone drop in a “must-do” to create the ultimate getaway for all.

Head to visitmyrtlebeach.com to start your travel planning today!

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