This App Reveals Every Product Safety Recall & Alert

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You teach your kids to wear a helmet and buckle up because their safety is always top of mind. Whystle, an app created by a mom of four kids, shares your values. The app provides personalized product safety alerts, recalls and other news items related to parenting that will help keep your family safe and healthy.

We know you do your best to keep up on the latest product and food recalls, but even the most super mom needs some super help sometimes. We like to think of Whystle as an extra layer of security. Here are some ways the app will help make parenting easier for you:

• When you’re researching a new product or brand, Whystle will provide a history of for that specific product type or a safety record of the brand. You’ll know whether the stroller you’re eyeing has presents a choking hazard or the dog treats you’re buying for Fido is contaminated.

• You can personalize your app so you receive product and brand alerts immediately that pertain to your stage of parenting and lifestyle habits. Get alerts affecting pregnancy, children, pets, food, allergies, medications, medical devices and much more.

• Share Whystle and your personalized feed with family and friends. This ensures that the people caring for your kids are on the same page as you and have access to the same information.

• If you own a product that’s been recalled and are entitled to a replacement, refund or some other benefit, Whystle will let you know. They’ll tell you exactly what steps to take to get what you’re owed (which is sometimes hard to navigate directly with the company).

Lauren Bell, the founder of Whystle, is a mom herself to four kids. She spent 10 years at the U.S. Department of Justice prosecuting companies for dangerous products so she knows firsthand how people kept getting hurt because the message wasn’t getting out effectively about safety issues and recalls. Her app is providing parents peace-of-mind and that is truly priceless.

Download Whystle here. Users can snag a free 7-day trial. Monthly an annual plans range from $2 to $5.99/month.

—Erin Lem


photos: Whystle



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