Wilmer Valderrama & Amanda Pacheco Announce Arrival of Baby Girl

Wilmer Valderrama
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Actor Wilmer Valderrama and fiance model Amanda Pacheco recently welcomed their first child on Feb. 15!

Valderrama recently posted pics of the pair with their newborn daughter on Instagram. The photo followed a sweet Valentine’s Day post, in which the actor wrote to his love, “Don’t worry about giving me Chocolates, you’re giving me a little miracle Chimichanga!”

The new dad recently turned the big 4-1 and celebrated with a sweet IG toast post to his fiance, “Now THIS is 41.. thank you to absolutely everyone who posted and send me such beautiful messages and wishes.. by the look of these pics.. some of those wishes came true.. I love you all mucho! Thank you Amanda for my last bday gift before becoming a papa… you.”

Along with the newborn photos of his baby daughter, Valderrama announced the birth with a sweet sentiment saying, “Life is an ever evolving journey, and for all those times when our path needs a light.. often angels are sent to show us the way and that we can be more.. straight out of heaven we welcome our first daughter…” and added the hashtag #ItsJustUs3Now.

Celebs such as Eva Longoria, Gabrielle Union-Wade, and Mandy Moore flocked to IG to congratulate the couple on the birth of their new daughter!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Tinseltown via Shutterstock



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