Whether you’re gearing up for a long, snowy winter or just riding the waves of cooler storms, there’s no question that winter comes with challenges. Keep your kids warm and dry with these new and cool items.

Bern Helmets

Erin Lem

The problem? Newbies on the slope fall a lot!

The solution: For the littlest of littles shredding the gnar for the first time, you want them outfitted in the safest gear possible. We love Bern helmets for their safety and design (in fact, we use the adult version ourselves when skiing).

The Camino is the smallest helmet in their winter line and fits our almost three-year-old perfectly. It's easy to adjust to your child's head, they're lightweight and apparently very comfortable—we were quite surprised that our tot didn't complain once about wearing his helmet all morning (and we all know how toddlers love to complain). The designs are fun, too. Choose from snowflakes, airplanes, a shark and more. 

And, what we really love is that this helmet also doubles—at least for our family—as a winter helmet for bike riding. It keeps our son's ears and head warm, while providing protection since he's just graduating from a balance bike to a pedal bike and prone to bumps and bruises. 


Shop at bernhelmets.com

Gordini Gloves


The problem? There's an artic freeze but your kids still want to play outside. 

The solution? Gloves that will keep frostbite at bay! 

When it comes to winter gloves, not all are created equal. When there are low temps and lots of snow, having a glove that stays in place while keeping those fingers nice and cozy is a must. We love Gordini gloves: they're high-quality, come in an array of stylish colors, have little hidden pockets for things like a key, and kept our Managing Editor's sons hands plenty warm during a Minnesota winter. Plus, you can find them in styles from baby/mitten to junior. 

Shop them on Amazon or check out gordini.com.

Most kid styles are between $35-$50. 

Cubcoats Panda Down Jacket


The problem? It's cold and you want your kids to stay cozy and not forget their coat! 

The solution: Cubcoats convertible attire.  Whether you're traveling or playing right at home, Cubcoats innovative design insures your kid will never forget their coat! The newest additions to the line of cozy stuffed animals that convert to jackets include super-warm down vests and coats. We're pretty much in love with the Papo the Panda but other designs are available including Kali the Kitty and Pimm the Puppy. 


Shop at cubcoats. com 

Reima Snow Suits


The problem? Layers upon layers of gear weigh kids down and, especially, slow kids down!

The solution: Reima Snowsuits

There's a Finnish saying that there is no bad weather, just bad clothing and Finnish brand Reima makes some of the best snow and cold-weather gear money can buy. In many cold climates, kids need to gear up to go out to play at recess, and for some kids it takes waaaay too long to get ready to go. We love one-piece snow suits for kids for just this reason, and thanks to Reima you can find them well beyond the baby years, with sizes up to age 10. They make lots of other gear too, including gloves, hats and rain gear. It's a little spendy but they last forever and can be passed on from sibling to sibling/younger friends. 

Find them on Amazon or at us.reima.com 

Tiger Paw Mittyz 

Veyo Kids

The problem? Baby and toddler gloves are either impossible to get on or fall off too easily.

The solution? Veyo's Mittyz

These adorable animal-inspired mittens not only keep their hands warm in the winter, they are super easy to put on, ideal for wriggling babies and toddlers. They are waterproof, big enough to fit over any coat sleeves, and feature an elastic gauntlet to keep out snow and ice and keep them in place. Snag a matching tiger Noggins ($14.95) and you’ll be ready to roar. 


Shop at veyokids.com/mittyz

Buckle Me Coats

Buckle Me

The problem? Getting a car seat on over a puffy winter coat. 

The solution? Buckle Me Coats

Parents in cold winter climates know the struggle is real: you’ve got your car seat fitted nice and snug and then the winter coat throws everything off. Enter, Buckle Me Coats, a mom-invented car seat friendly coat that allows you to buckle your kids right into their seat without having to remove the coat or re-adjust the straps. 

From $59.99

Learn more at bucklemecoats.com 

Dry Out Gloves & Boots Faster with the Green Glove Dryer

Green Glove Dryer

The problem? Those boots and gloves get damp inside! 

The solution? The Green Glove dryer, a mitten and boot dryer that an adapt to a heater vent!

Michigan-based mom Karen Smoots came up with a genius way to dry out her family’s wet gear during one of Michigan’s long, cold winters. The Green Glove Dryer doesn’t just work for gloves: you can use it for hats and boots too. It attaches to a heat register and the warm air circulates inside the gear through nozzles. You can use on a floor vent or wall vent, and both are super easy to install, lightweight and portable. Our editor tested both versions and fell in love.

$19.99, free shipping in the US and $5 flat rate to Canada.

Get yours at greenglovedryer.com

—Amber Guetebier


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