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There are so many new things to adapt to with a newborn, like a sleep schedule for one, but top of the list is getting their belly full of milk. Even if you’re breastfeeding, chances are you will need a bottle sometimes—so you can hand off a nighttime feeding and can get some much-needed rest. Figuring out how to feed your baby is not quite as simple as you may think, and questions start popping up: “What is the safest bottle, plastic or glass?”, “What if my baby won’t take a bottle?”, “What if I never sleep again!?” (you will!).

When it comes to bottles, plastic is lightweight, hard to break and less expensive. So what’s the catch? It’s more difficult to sanitize and can absorb odors and discolor. Even BPA free-plastics are coming under scrutiny since it’s not clear if they can leach estrogenic compounds or if microplastics can be ingested, which is stuff you don’t want in your baby’s system. Glass won’t absorb odors or leach chemicals, is easier to clean and long-lasting—but is heavy and breakable. If only there were a way to combine the superpowers of these materials and eliminate the negatives… The baby experts at Chicco figured it out, so you don’t have to stress!

ChiccoDUO™ is the first-of-its-kind hybrid baby bottle offering the wellness benefits of glass and the convenience of plastic in one incredible bottle. ChiccoDUO bottles are lightweight, unbreakable, and your baby’s milk only touches pure glass—it’s the best of both worlds! Read on to discover four reasons why this is the baby bottle of the future. (And it just may help you get a little more sleep, too.)


Check out Chicco’s full line of products including the ChiccoDUO hybrid baby bottle and buy now!

1. Safety

How did Chicco invent this all-mighty bottle? By utilizing an advanced, patented technology used in medical and pharmaceutical products that permanently bonds micro-thin layers of glass to the interior of a crystal-clear, premium plastic exterior. This Invinci-Glass™ inner layer shields milk from plastic. Every aspect of the bottle and nipple was developed and tested for their safety, function, ease of use, comfort, and baby and parent acceptance. During a multi-year process, an international interdisciplinary team of engineers, award-winning scientists, designers, researchers and neonatologists transformed a medical technology into a breakthrough baby bottle, meeting or surpassing all FDA and CPSIA standards.

2. Functionality

Chicco knows babies—they've been crafting innovative baby products and making life easier for parents since 1958. The invention of the ChiccoDUO bottle was born from years of experience and research in the infant feeding category, hearing and understanding parents' needs and the know-how to bring powerful patented technology to a beautifully designed baby bottle. Like glass, it harbors none of the unpleasant odors or aftertastes of typical plastic bottles—it stays clear, won't stain or discolor and lasts longer. But, unlike glass, it's breakproof and lightweight. We'll leave the specifics of how they came up with this to the scientists—we just know it's pure genius.

Check out Chicco's full line of products including the ChiccoDUO hybrid baby bottle and buy now!

3. Convenience

We love simplicity—with a baby, you have enough to do! Hand washing tons of parts (and trying to piece them together in the middle of the night) is a nightmare. ChiccoDUO saves the day again: It's dishwasher, sterilizer and bottle warmer safe with only four simple parts to handle. The logo, measurements and decorations are laser-etched, so there's no ink, fading, and no chipping. These innovative bottles stay crystal-clear, with quality that lasts so well, you can probably pass these down to your sibling who is not ready for the whole "baby thing" quite yet...

4. Ideal Latch

Is this the Ferarri of baby bottles? We think so! Its sleek, lightweight design is expertly crafted to be comfortable for you to hold and ideal for your baby to latch correctly (which is huge because if they're not happy, no one is, mama!). It features Chicco's Intui-latch™ anti-colic nipple with a textured skin-like feel that positions the baby's tongue and lips for a natural, intuitive latch. The breast-like flow is easy for your baby to control for seamless and stress-free breast-to-bottle transitions. Tested with proven results: The Intui-Latch™ Nipple is baby-approved with a 9 out of 10 infant acceptance rate in consumer usage testing—amazing!

Check out Chicco's full line of baby products including the ChiccoDUO hybrid baby bottle and buy now!

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