10 Bedroom Designs For Your Sporty Kids

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Are you having troubles waking up your child in the morning? Chances are, they are not getting adequate sleep at night. Studies show that sleep deprivation in children is linked to poor performance in school and health problems such as obesity and injury.

In its latest sleep recommendations, the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) suggests that pre-schoolers, aged three to five years, must sleep for 10 to 13 hours each night. School-age children ( 6 to 13 years) should get uninterrupted sleep for nine to 11 hours at night time. Teenagers between the ages of 14 and 17 years must sleep for eight to 10 years at night.

One science-backed technique to make sure your kids are getting quality sleep every night is improving their sleeping environment. Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley warn that allowing kids to both sleep near a small screen such as smartphones, and sleeping in a room with a TV set are linked to poor sleep in weekdays.

Aside from restricting your children’s screen time at bedtime, you can go the extra mile by making their bedroom a place they’d want to sleep in. Design their rooms based on personality and interests. Make it their personal abode. Check out these 10 amazing bedroom designs for sporty kids.

Orange walls and basketballs

Photo Courtesy of Cube Breaker via Pinterest

Basketball is a boy’s first love (even before his Marvel superhero). Incorporate this well-loved sport into your child’s bedroom design. The color palette may be shades of orange or the color of your kid’s favorite team. You can have a mural of Stephen Curry ’s signature moves or an actual ring mounted on the wall. Don’t forget to get basketball-themed bedsheets and pillow cases to complete the ambiance.


Bring Manchester United to your home

Photo Courtesy of DesignMag.fr via Pinterest

Football or soccer is regarded as the most popular sport in the world. Inspire your child to strive like his idols Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Neymar by giving his room a sporty design. Let your child choose the color theme, which may be patterned after his favorite team. Add photos of popular players and some memorabilia. Don’t forget to get a memory foam mattress to ensure that your child gets a good night’s sleep everyday.

Stability in Martial Arts-inspired bedroom

Photo Courtesy of houzz.com via Pinterest

Studies suggest that martial arts not only develop a child’s agility, it also boosts his self-esteem and helps in his emotional stability. Bring out your child’s inner Bruce Lee by exploring martial arts-inspired design ideas. Red and black are the highest ranks in martial arts. White gives a feeling of balance and harmony as it blends with the other shades in the bedroom.

A true home run in a baseball-themed room

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Baseball is regarded as a national sport in the US. It is also the most watched and played sport in Japan. For sporty bedroom designs, baseball is among the more popular themes for kids (and even adults). Red and white dominate this bedroom design. Add throw pillows in various sizes, preferably in baseball shapes, and memorabilia displays.

Dream of tennis and Wimbledon

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Tennis is a good sport for all ages. It increases aerobic capacities, lowers blood pressure and improves muscle tone. Playing tennis can also help your kids gain self-esteem and meet new people. Inspire your sporty kids to give their best in their chosen sport. Make their sleeping environment conducive with comfortable beds, cool temperature and fun interior design.

A haven for your little gymnasts

Photo Courtesy of Julia Johnson via Pinterest

Mayo Clinic recommends gymnastics to children aged six to nine to develop their vision, attention spans and transitional skills. Gymnastics helps kids maintain a healthy strength-to-weight ratio and get better sleep at night. Place gym rings, ladders and other features that will encourage your little ones to get active. Turn their room into their mini gymnastics paradise.

Tutus and Tchaikovsky in a ballet-themed room

Photo Courtesy of Maisons du Monde via Pinterest

Ballet not only promotes physical strength and agility, it also boosts a child’s concentration and interest in music and rhythm. Kids, male or female, can benefit from this sport/art between the ages of four and 14. Encourage your kid’s love for ballet by designing her room with beautiful photos of ballet dancers, tutu-inspired furniture and stylish mattresses.

“Dancing is like dreaming with your feet.” — Constanze

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Dancing helps in the muscle development of young children. It also develops strength, endurance and coordination. Dance sport not only benefits one’s fitness, it also stimulates creativity.  Whether your child is into tap dancing or jazz, motivate her to pursue her passion through her immediate environment. You can stretch your imagination when it comes to dance-themed bedroom designs. Add wall decals, printed bedsheets and a space for impromptu rehearsals.

Hip skateboards for your teens

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A skateboarding-themed bedroom is perfect for your teenage son. Mount colorful skateboards on his bedroom wall for a hip look. You can add a comfy sofa bed when his friends hang out on weekends. Allot enough space for other stuff he may want to add in his room.

A room for aspiring swimming champions

Photo Courtesy of wayfair.com via Pinterest

In planning sporty bedroom designs for your kids’ bedroom, incorporate their personalities, interests and aspirations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that swimming is an effective way to prevent childhood obesity. This sport boosts a child’s heart and lung health as well as his flexibility and stamina. Bring the ocean and blue skies into your child’s room. Use nautical stripes, beach colors and other coastal hues in the room design.

Designing your kid’s bedroom is only one method in making sure your children are sleeping well at night. Proper nutrition, regular exercise and regulated screen time are keys in making sure your child is resting well. It is also advisable to adopt a sleeping routine about 30 minutes to one hour before bedtime. This may include storytelling, book reading or listening to soft music. For your adolescents, it’s important to set a limit for TV viewing or computer/smartphone usage.

As a parent, you should take charge in ensuring your child’s health. Jennifer Waldburger, co-founder of child sleep consultation firm Sleepy Planet, says that it’s a parent’s job to set healthy boundaries for his/her child.