10 Fun Ways to Dress Up Your Teddy Bear

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Now that summer is trickling to an end, your stuffed bears could be feeling the winter chill. Or that’s just what your kiddo says as she bundles Teddy up in pajamas, a dress or a superhero costume. Scroll down for 10 awesome outfits that’ll delight your cutie pie and his or her snuggle buddy. Ready for a photoshoot?

Teddys in Pajamas
Jumpsuits, onesies, whatever tiny article of one-piece clothing that won’t fit your babe anymore could be their teddy’s new sleepwear.

teddybear-cc-Ralph Daily-flickrphoto: Ralph Daily via flickr

Operation: Patient Teddy
Play a little game of stitch-me-up as you and your kiddo patches Teddy back to together. All they need are a few band-aids and a hygiene mask for a fun hospital role play.

teddybear-cc-Christiaan Triebert-flickr

photo: Christiaan Triebert via flickr

Princess Teddy
Dress your furry playmate as the royal they are born to be. Whether its a tiara or a crochet hat, your teddy royalty will be ready for a tea party in a fancy outfit that rivals the Queen’s.


photo: Aurimas via flickr

Superhero Sidekick
Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Captain America – all these famous superheroes wouldn’t be where they are now without their trusty sidekick. Transform your kid’s teddy bear into their favorite hero’s best friend and watch them take on the world!

teddy-cc-pop culture geek-flickrphoto: Popculture Geek via flickr

Everyday Teddy
If your Teddy and your babe can share clothes, let them! Some of our favorite costumes for teddy bears are the clothes we’ve seen on our little ones. Pretty soon your kiddo will grow out of them, but teddy never will.


photo: Anna via flickr

Star Wars Teddy
Any costume list would seem incomplete without a Star Wars outfit. This Darth Vader bear is a popular costume at Build-A-Bear, but you could also probably dress up your furry friend in a robe to look like a Jedi.

teddybear-cc-Alex & Rachel Johnson-flickr

photo: Alex & Rachel Johnson via flickr

Occupation: Teddy
We’re not sure if this outfit is a school boy, post man or old school police officer, but the matching components, from the hat to the pants, are beyond cute. Our favorite feature? The name tag that reads “Teddy.”


photo: longzijun via flickr

Sweater Weather Teddy
Nothing screams fall like sweater weather. This simple outfit is absolutely adorable and your kid won’t have to worry about their fluffy buddy getting cold.


photo: longzijun via flickr

Autopilot Teddy
Put your teddy in aviation gear and take photos of them soaring above everyone.

pilotteddy-cc-Crowcombe Al-flickr

photo: Crowcombe Al via flickr

Tinkerbell Teddy
Even teddies can role play as their favorite cartoon or storybook character. Dress up as a fairy, like the Tinkerbell panda below, or as Mickey Mouse. The possibilities are endless.

teddybear-cc-Loren Javier-flickr

photo: Loren Javier via flickr

How does your kiddo dress up their teddy bear? Send us a picture to greatideas@tinybeans.go-vip.net and we’ll share them with our readers on social media!

— Christal Yuen

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