Kids are always coming up with creative ways to express themselves: it’s why they can play dress-up and make believe all day long. They also love to latch onto their favorite things, like foods or colors. Unicorns are a popular animal for kids to idolize because not only are they majestic and pretty, but they also represent fun and magic. Don’t let your kids get bored this weekend. Check out some easy DIY unicorn crafts that’ll keep them entertained all day long.

Unicorn String Art

For those who want to craft but are on a budget, making some string art is the perfect way to create something you’ll put on the wall and keep forever. Search around the house for some colorful or cute pins, then give each kid a piece of corkboard or cardboard. They can decorate the board material however they like, and then you can help them arrange the pins to create the outline of a unicorn.

Use the string around the pins to create a visible outline, then wrap around pins in random order to crisscross the string and fill in the middle. Stop whenever your kids feel their unicorn is done, and then hang the art where you can show it off. Don’t forget to let them sign their art!


The holiday season may have just past, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still hang up ornaments. Head to the craft store and get some glue, paint, a paint brush and some magic clay. Swipe glue on the ornament and cover in glitter so it dries and becomes the mane. Decorate with eyes and a horn and you’ve got easy and quick unicorn ornaments.

Fun Unicorn Wreath

This is a great craft for kids who are a little bit older, since it involves a glue gun. Buy some fake flowers in the color scheme of your choice, then glue them to a wreath ring. Make the unicorn horn out of felt and stuffing—and maybe a little glitter—and glue it where you like. It’s easy to make a unicorn wreath, plus you can easily adjust it to match any room design.

Playful Unicorn Headband

By getting some cheap plastic headbands, fleece and ribbons, you’ll be able to don your unicorn headband in no time. Wrap fleece around the headband and secure a fleece horn with a glue gun. Glue on ribbons that are curled to any length you like to create the mane. Try to make a rainbow mane with pastel colors. If one of your kids has a birthday coming up, these would make fantastic party favors for a dreamy and magical themed birthday party.

Unicorn Cake

Who says you need a special occasion to make a cake? If you’re finding your family needing a little more unicorn in your lives, test out your baking skills with a unicorn cake. Step one: Watch lots of cake baking shows to get inspired. Step two: Go out and get your cake decorating supplies. Step three: Bake and design the unicorn cake of your dreams, then eat it and enjoy! Who can say no to a cute cake?

Unicorn Dress Up

Sometimes you can find a craft that lets everyone jump in together, and dressing up as a unicorn is definitely one of them. Check out an easy DIY dress-up guide so you can get the kids together and have everyone make their own costumes. Soon, you’ll all be prancing around the house like the beautiful, majestic beings you are!

Make Your Own Unicorn Plushie

Kids and stuffed animals go together like peanut butter and jelly. There’s no end to the games they can create with them, and the stuffed animals will last through their entire childhood. Before beginning, take a second to watch a unicorn plushie tutorial. Talk with your kids about what size they want their unicorn to be and let them choose the colors and fabrics. The personalization of this craft is sure to please any child.

Unicorn Utensils

What kid doesn’t spend time pretending to cook with plastic pots and pans? Creating a make-believe world in their own kitchen is something lots of kids do, so why not bring the fun into your real kitchen? Get the right supplies and a wooden utensil set for each kid and create unicorn utensils in just minutes. Because they’re made of wood, they’ll last for a long time and can even be used for make-believe since they won’t be sharp enough to hurt anyone.

Personalized Unicorn Necklace

Making your own jewelry is a lot easier than you might think. When you’re making jewelry with kids, it can actually be a super fun activity to do together. You can print and shrink unicorn necklace designs and create as many as you like. Let your kids make some for themselves or their friends. They’ll quickly be wearing their own jewelry and showing it off to everyone they know.

Unicorn Nail Art

Decorate an easily-cleaned place like the kitchen table to make it feel like a private spa. Invite your kids to sit down and then let them have fun pampering themselves by painting unicorn designs on their nails. Get nail art pens and they’ll have a great time drawing horns, hoofs and unicorn profiles on their fingertips. When they’re done, have them sit back and watch their favorite movie while their nails dry.

It’s no secret that kids love to have fun, and when it comes to kids who love unicorns, they want their favorite animal to be a big part of that fun. Sit down with your kids this weekend and have them do some unicorn crafts to keep them happy and having fun throughout the day. Whether they’re making headbands or painting their nails, if they’re creating something that has to do with unicorns, everyone’s going to have a blast.

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