The Cheater’s Guide to Throwing a Unicorn Party

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We know you. You want to throw that photo-worthy, gilded, rainbow dream party for your fairy princess unicorn. We also know you have barely slept, are managing a work/life balance (which is a lot of work it turns out) and when it comes to crafts, well, let’s just say we are all familiar with the term “Pinterest fail.” This is why we created this little cheater’s guide, so that you can have your rainbow snacks and actually have time to eat them too. Read on for some of the easiest unicorn ideas around.

photo: kaboompics via pixabay

Wearable Unicorn Horn Hack

Birthday party hat cones, worn low enough to be on their forehead. Yeah, you know what we mean. They kinda do it anyway! If you are feeling fancy you can replace the elastic with a nice ribbon. Bonus points for gold hats, but rainbow polka-dot works too (i.e. whatever is in stock at the party store).

Cake Shortcuts

So, you can’t make a fondant gold unicorn horn to save your life, even though you watched the tutorial like 10 times? It’s okay! We’ve got you.

You will need:

A cake
Sugar Cones (the pointy kind of ice cream cone)
Optional: edible glitter or gold dust

1. You have two options for the first part: either bake a basic cake and frost with the world’s easiest frosting. Tint it light blue or pink or just cover it in rainbow sprinkles. You decide. OR get an undecorated, frosted cake from the grocery store bakery. Again, just plain white and you can add rainbow sprinkles. 

2. Get sprinkles! And a can of frosting. Better yet, get the can of frosting that comes with sprinkles. Frost the pointy ice cream cone. Roll it in sprinkles. Place on the cake (point up). Bam! Unicorn.

Alternative: Get edible gold dust and coat the cone so that it is, in fact, a gold unicorn horn. See, you can make one! 

Alternative alternative: See if your local ice cream shop will sell you an already dipped and sprinkled cone!

Tip: Do yourself a favor and avoid searching for “inspiration” photos of unicorn cakes.

photo: Steve Spangler Science

A Rainbow of Activities

When it comes to unicorns, rainbows (for semi-inexplicable reasons) are always in the picture. Let the kiddos in on the magic of science by making rainbows. Here are four incredibly easy ways to make your own rainbow. And by easy, we mean you just need a glass of water. 

They can get even more hands-on with this oh-so-cool experiment in water density that requires little more than food coloring and water.

photo: Krystal Underwood via Growing a Jeweled Rose

Loopy Fun
Easy rainbow crafts are just a few fruit loops away. Separate the colors in advance or let the kiddos do it one at a time as you have them create a rainbow using paper, glue and cotton balls for clouds.

Archway Art
For a simple painting project that doesn’t even require paintbrushes just add the colors of the rainbow into separate containers, let the kids dip cotton swabs, and then paint your arc. Tape the swabs together if you want to give them a rainbow-in-hand handmade brush.

photo: kara brugman via flickr

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn…of the Sea
Affectionately known as the “unicorn of the sea” the narwhal is a real animal (learn more about narwhals here) and quite frankly a lot easier to draw on a big piece of paper than a horse shape. It’s basically the shape of a whale and you can make the long horns for kids to pin on out of gold or white cardstock.  Here’s a template. Just saying.

Taste the Rainbow

photo: Gimme Delicious 

Rainbow Pizza
You can have “unicorn” food and get the kids to eat fruits and veggies with little effort. The pizza pictured here can be made on any kind of store-bought crust, but the recipe from Gimme Delicious is actually a low-carb cauliflower crust and it’s actually pretty easy to make. Arranging vegetables in rainbow order on a platter with ranch dip works too: think red, yellow and orange bell peppers, celery, carrots, etc.

photo: Family Food on the Table 

Fruit Cups & Rainbow Toast
Arrange fresh fruit on toast slices like Family Food on the Table did, or layer fruit into (clear) cups for kiddos to grab and go. You can even just make a rainbow shape on a tray.

For even more easy rainbow food ideas, including rainbow Rice Krispie treats that are actually not that hard, click here.

Tip: Don’t forget, Goldfish crackers come in rainbow colors. So do Skittles.



photo: yuelanliu via Pexels 

It seriously doesn’t get easier or cheaper than rainbow paper chains, though it does take a little time. The good news: kids can help. Also, you can do it while watching the latest episode of Outlander after they’ve gone to bed, so with a little planning, you’ll be multitasking!

Actually, it does get easier. Get a rainbow pinata, make your napkins and plates mix-matched bright colors, find flowers in a rainbow of colors…this is your chance to use up all the things and make them delightfully mismatched.

Get some balloons and you are done.

—Amber Guetebier


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