To little ones, celebrating the 4th of July usually means one thing – fireworks! But, we know that by the time the sun goes down and the fireworks go up around 10:00 pm, they are exhausted and ready for bed. Here are 12 July 4th activities for your kids that don’t involve having cranky, overtired children on the 5th of July!

Teach a crash course in flag etiquette

As the symbol of our country, it's important that kids (and adults too) know the proper way to display the flag. If the flag is mounted on a pole, make sure the union (the blue section with stars) is at the tip of the staff and does not touch the ground. If it's hanging vertically, make sure the union is on the viewer's top left side. When it gets dark or if it starts raining bring the flag inside, don’t embroider the flag on your clothes (red, white and blue is fine), and always treat the flag with respect.

Don’t forget to visit your local Red Tricycle Events Calendar to see what 4th of July activities are going on in your city!

Tell us – Does your family or neighborhood have any fun 4th of July traditions that are great for the smallest patriots?

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