Chow Down: 11 Terrific Mealtime Tools for Toddlers

Editor’s Note, November 2018: For our most up-to-date story on awesome utensils and tools for kids mealtime, click here for our most recent coverage.


You chop their food into little pieces. You’ve had food flung at your head. You spend a good portion of your time wiping down the floors, walls, and cabinets. Are you: A) the lead nutritionist at a zoo, or B) the parent of a toddler during meal times? Assuming the answer is in fact, B, then perk up, buttercup! We’ve got a dynamite list of tools to help make “feeding times” easier for you and more fun for the wild things in your life.

Fred & Friends Dinner Winner Plate

Everyone wins at dinnertime with Fred & Friends Dinner Winner Plate. Your tiny diners will love eating their way to the finish line, and you'll love that it's a natural silencer to the question "How many more bites do I have to take?" Want to give the little ones even more motivation to make it to the finish line? Try putting a chocolate kiss on the last partition of the game board and watch them plow through supper.

Available online at

Photo: Fred & Friends

How do you manage mealtime mayhem with toddlers? What other gizmos should we add to our list? Tell us in our comments section below. 

— Shelley Massey


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