Reverse your bad luck with some seriously sweet ways to spend this superstitious day

On Friday the 13th there’s no reason to get superstitious about bad luck: try doing some seriously fun things in numbers of 13. We can’t promise you good luck, but we can guarantee a baker’s dozen of smiles. Read on for our ideas.

1. Stand on one foot for 13 seconds. Too easy? Transition to the other foot for 13 without falling. Still need a bigger challenge, raise your hands up and down 13 times.

2. Write a poem with only 13 words.

3. Get out the jump rope and hop 13 times in a row without messing up. If you’re out of practice, this can be trickier than it sounds.

4. Make a baker’s dozen! Make a dozen cookies + one for the baker to test.

5. Create a drawing that has all of these 13 different things:  a bunny, a superhero, a magical creature, a forest, a tiny house, a castle, a flower bed, a skyscraper, a truck, a river, a kid, a boat, a bridge. (Or pick your own list of 13 things!)

6. Sound out 13 animal sounds (for example, a dog’s bark, a cat’s meow, a lion’s roar, etc.)

7. Get out a deck of cards and sort them into the four suites. Count each stack (hint: there are 13 in each).

8. Tell your kiddo 13 things you love about them (and ask them the same about you or another family member).

9. Name 13 things that start with the letter T.

10. Find a word that has 12 other rhyming words. (Hint: “fry” works!)

11. Do 13 jumping jacks.

12. Make a dish with 13 ingredients (pizza works well for this, and yes you can count the yeast and flour).

13. Give out 13 kisses for Friday the 13th. This should be an easy one.



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