Hilarious Halloween parenting memes and all that candy are only two things we love about October

Your kids have chosen their Halloween costumes (and then changed their minds 1,000 times), the candy has been bought and then restocked and then restocked again, and you’ve lined up all the best Halloween movies on Netflix. Now that you’re ready for the big night, it’s time to grab a mini-Snickers, relax, and laugh at these hilarious Halloween memes about parenting we’re sure you can relate to.

No judgment from us.

Must. Practice. Restraint.

One must always cover one’s tracks

Who’s in charge here??

When it comes to holiday decorations, reason goes out the window

I haven’t had my coffee. Don’t mess with me


It’s all about what’s available right now

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This is an emergency!

Funny Halloween meme

And they wonder why we don't want to buy a costume in July

Funny Halloween meme
courtesy Sarcastic Mommy

Hey, no taxation without representation!

funny halloween meme

And that's why we unfriended them


It's just...not...fair!

funny halloween memes

We always tell our kids, "Practice makes perfect" 

funny halloween memes

No, you cannot substitute Bit-O-Honey

funny halloween memes

Wait, does anyone really have a perfect jack-o'-lantern pic?

Funny Halloween meme
Freshly Picked

If this is you, I don't think we can hang out anymore...

Finally, we're on trend!


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Guess you didn't get the last text, Fred...

Any red or white will work. Or beer. Just sayin'


At least we're being honest with ourselves

Kids! They say the darnedest things!


The good news is, Christmas candy!

How we all got here, pretty much


And this is how you win parenting, folks

Because reward charts work so well


Don't even get us started on Christmas

Just modeling good behavior for our kids

Well, that's just despicable!

It's called "Sugar-Induced Memory Loss," it's a thing!




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