2022’s Top Baby Names Are Aspirational & Unique

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Like the times we live in, baby names in 2022 will be wildly unpredictable. Socially conscious, inspired by pop culture, or in homage to your ancestors? Everything is fair game. Here are our predictions for baby name trends in 2022, which are all predictably out of the ordinary.

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Literary Baby Names
The past few years have many of us reading up a storm and that’s clear when we see how many people are naming their newborns after literary characters and authors. Whether you’ve fallen for Atticus from Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird or you’re digging the name Zora in honor of anthropologist, filmmaker and author Zora Neale Hurston, these literary baby names are for you.

Nature-Inspired Baby Names
After the past two years, who isn’t grateful for nature? From flower and tree names (Hyacinth and Ash, anyone?) to seasons and stunning landscape features, these names cover the most beautiful and unique baby names inspired by natural elements.

Baby Names Based on Astrology & the Solar System
These names are out of this world (literally!). Influenced by astrology, constellations and our solar system, names like Leo, Aurora and Stella are topping the list.

Baby Names Inspired by Travel & Geography
If you’ve got travel on your mind and a baby in your belly, these travel-inspired baby names are just what the (name) doctor ordered. From Everest to Cyprus to Austin and Georgia, baby names inspired by our favorite places are trending this year when wanderlust is at an all-time high. These beautiful names—many of which are unisex—will show you why.

Classic Baby Names
Traditional baby names are always a good standby and we know they’ll continue to be popular in 2022. Think you’ll have a strong-willed warrior on your hands? Better put William on the top of your list. Or if you’re getting princess vibes already, Sarah is a solid choice.

—Shelley Massey


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