If you have travel on your mind and a baby in your belly, you will love this list of geographical baby names, both within the United States and beyond. Baby names inspired by our favorite places are trending this year, and these beautiful names will show you why. Many are unisex, so we’ve skipped the “baby names for girls” and “baby names for boys” restrictions so you can choose what sounds right for your baby. Also, be sure to check out our literary and classic baby names.

Geographical Baby Names Inspired by Travel Outside the United States

This Mediterranean port city in Egypt was founded in 331BC by Alexander the Great.

This beautiful name is also a town in the Central African Republic.

Meaning the victorious in Egyptian, Cairo is the capital of Egypt and the largest city in the Arab world.

A small island country in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus has long been known for its minerals, wines, and natural beauty.

This county in South West England is known for its gorgeous coastline and sandy beaches.

This mountain, Earth’s highest, is located in the Himalayas.

A town in northern Guinea-Bissau, a country in West Africa. A crater on Mars is named after the town.

This city in Switzerland is surrounded by the Alps and Jura mountains and is a global hub for diplomacy and banking.

Although Holland is frequently used to refer to the country of the Netherlands, it specifically refers to a geographical region on the country’s western coast.

This South Asian country has a rich history, diverse culture, and beautiful landscapes.

This Middle Eastern country on the Mediterranean Sea is considered the biblical Holy Land by Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Home to several archaeological, religious and tourist sights, including Petra and the Dead Sea, Jordan has a rich history to explore.

The capital and largest city in Jamaica, Kingston is a popular place for tourists and is known for its natural harbor.

London, the capital and largest city both of England and the United Kingdom, has a rich history dating back to the Bronze Age.

This river in northeastern Africa flows into the Mediterranean Sea. Folks have relied on the river for more than 5,000 years to give them food, water, transportation, and fertile land.

The main trading and fishing port of Ukraine, Odessa is known as the Ukrainian pearl.

The namesake of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is famous for Carnival, samba, bossa nova and it’s gorgeous landscapes.

Home of dinosaur fossils and dunes that can reach 600 feet high, the Saraha is our largest hot desert.

The name is of Arabic origin and means guardian or protected by God. It’s also a large industrial city in Russia.

Arabic for peace, Selima is an oasis in the Sudan.

This city in Tuscany is known for medieval brick buildings. Milan and Florence are other Italian cities that make great baby names.

Sofia, the capital and largest city of Bulgaria, has many mineral springs and is surrounded by mountainsides.

The most populous city in Australia, Sydney is home to a world-famous opera house, a stunning harbor and great beaches.

Founded as a Roman colony in 138 BC, Valencia is now a bustling city in Spain.

Yala is the most visited national park in Sri Lanka and borders the Indian Ocean.

A city in Nigeria, Zaria was originally known as Zazzau but was renamed in the 16th century after Queen Zaria.

Geographical Baby Names Inspired by Travel in the United States

If you love skiing or beautiful mountain towns, Colorado’s Aspen is a great choice for a baby name.

Known for its music, tech culture and outdoor fun, Austin is both a popular name and place.

Located just east of Denver, Colorado, the city of Aurora is known for its laidback atmosphere and art scene.

This NYC borough boasts Coney Island, Prospect Park, and amazing New York-style pizza.

If you’re more of a Jersey person than a New Yorker, Camden is a Scottish name meaning winding valley.

Whether you’re a fan of the northern or southern state, Carolina makes a sweet girl’s name with nicknames like Caro or Lina.

If you like rodeos and Western culture, consider naming your child after the capital city of Wyoming.

The Dakota people are a sub-tribe of the Sioux, and Dakota gives its name to two states as well as a number of cities and counties around the US.

The Gold Rush, cable cars, the Golden Gate Bridge, and a vibrant food scene are some of the things we love about San Francisco.

Name your little peach after this southeastern state that’s home to other baby name options, including Augusta and Savannah.

The rolling hills, soaring mountains and historical tourist attractions of Helena, Montana, make for an inspiring baby name.

Calling all history buffs: Hudson, NY, was the first city to be incorporated after the thirteen colonies became the US.

If you’re a fan of basketball, farmland, corn, or the Indy 500, Indiana would make a good baby name for you.

Both a mountain town and a coastal area, this Alaskan city is one of our country’s most scenic.

This Texas city is located on the north bank of the Rio Grande and joins other Texas places as popular baby names: Dallas, Tyler, Houston, Austin and Antonio.

The capital of Nebraska, Lincoln is a university city with lots of museums and cultural attractions.

With the longest freshwater coastline in the US, it’s no surprise this state is known for fishing.

A nickname for New Orleans, Nola celebrates Creole cuisine, Mardi Gras, and the French Quarter.

This desert metropolis in Arizona is known for its stunning landscape, cacti, and year-round warm, sunny weather.

You’ve heard of the Salem witch trials, but this city in Massachusetts is also a historic town with a rich maritime history.

This Georgia city has a Southern charm, thanks to its cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages, and stunning architecture.

Its colorful red rock formations will take your breath away. This Arizona town is also known as a haven for spiritual wellness.

Known as the place where George Washington won his first victory in the War of Independence, this New Jersey city maintains its colonial charm.

Growing in popularity as a boy’s name, Tyree is also a community in Georgia.

People visit this Utah national park from all over the world to see its sandstone canyons, waterfalls, and high plateaus.

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