Once you joined the mom club, you expected toddler tantrums and 3 a.m. feedings, but you were blindsided by the dinnertime hustle that takes over your house every evening. Nurture Life, a meal delivery service, is changing the dinnertime game for parents across the country with their nutritious, kid-pleasing dinners that are delivered straight to your doorstep. Three busy moms recently tried Nurture Life and dished about why they’re now loyal fans. Here are their stories:

Brianne from Stroller in the City: Let Nurture Life Be a Part of Your Village

Brianne, Stroller in the City

They say it takes a village and when you need a pinch hitter, call in Nurture Life. That's exactly what Brianne from Stroller in the City found when she tried out the meal delivery service. She says, "They say it takes a village to raise a family, and I couldn’t agree more, so any type of help is welcome in my home." Brianne name calls out Nurture Life's inherent understanding of parents as one big reason she loved the service, "Nurture Life was created by two parents who realized how time consuming and difficult it is to make healthy meals seven days a week. Nurture Life prepares fresh, wholesome, organic, ready-to-eat meals. Their recipes are developed by a chef and pediatric dietician." Read more about why Brianne from Stroller in the City loved Nurture Life by reading her story here.



Joni from Lay Baby Lay: Nurture Life Is for All Ages and Stages

Joni, Lay Baby Lay

With three kids (soon to be four!), Joni of Lay Baby Lay knows a thing or two about providing nutritious meals to her kids through every stage of childhood. This busy mama divulges, "Feeding three kids (soon to be four!) is no joke. Especially when you are also trying to make certain they get enough veggies and protein in their diet. Some weeks it honestly feels overwhelming trying to figure out a meal plan in the middle of an already full schedule and on top of the exhaustion that the third trimester of pregnancy brings." So when she found Nurture Life it's like all the stars aligned in her favor. Joni continues, "I was really thrilled to discover Nurture Life, a meal delivery service that takes all the guesswork out of feeding all these little mouths. With a team of pediatric dietitians and chefs on staff, they create and deliver wholesome, nutritious, ready to eat baby, toddler and kid meals to your door. Does it get any better than that?!" Read more of Joni from Lay Baby Lay's story by clicking here.


Bailey from Everyday with Bay: Nurture Life Is Convenient and Nutritious

Bailey, Everyday with Bay

At the end of the day, convenience means nothing if your kids aren't getting the nutrition and healthy meals they need. Bailey from Everyday with Bay says, What makes Nurture Life different than traditional box meals is that the finished meals are sent to you made with fresh, high quality ingredients! All you have to do is reheat them in the oven or microwave and you have a great tasting, healthy pediatric dietitian-approved meal in less than 3 minutes which leaves more opportunity for family time! They are not packed with preservatives, they are made to order and only use fresh ingredients!" Hear more from Bailey from Everyday with Bay by reading her story here.




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