5 Easy Ways To Get Kids Baking!

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I’m not sure if we know a kid that can resist a sweet treat right out of the oven. Cookies, cupcakes, or even making a fresh loaf of bread are some great ways to introduce kids to the idea of baking. Here are some of our favorite easy tips for letting your little ones in on the fun.

1. Let them get down and dirty and mix it up with their hands. Ingredients like butter and sugar can be creamed together in a large mixing bowl. You can also add everything in a closed resealable bag and let your child mix the contents by squishing it up. If you are mixing a batter, simply cut a corner of the bag for easy pouring.

2. Pie crusts can be fun as well. Let your child roll out some of the extra pie dough or demonstrate how to crimp the edge and then let them finish it off. Pressing the edges with a fork works well for little hands.

3. When making yeast bread, get physical and let them punch down the dough after it has risen.

4. Take the opportunity and use food coloring to teach about colors. If making blue, let your child add the yellow and green together then stir until the mixture becomes the desired color.

5. Have some decorations to make? Make your own pastry bag by cutting the corner off of a zipper bag. Adjust the size of the hole to let just enough icing flow so kids can write and decorate on their cookies or cake.

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