6 Apps for Kids You Won’t Feel Bad about Installing

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It’s pretty much inevitable that if you have a child growing up in today’s world that they can navigate electronics as well as (if not better than) you. Whether it’s a tablet, iPod, cell phone or computer, children are exposed to technology every day. They’re learning how to use these devices in school and yes, they do rely on them for entertainment purposes. Though it’s important to limit screen time and ensure that your child is getting adequate time outdoors and ample physical activity, not all screen time is a bad thing. There are countless educational apps that help enrich a child’s learning, teach problem-solving skills and reinforce lessons being taught in school. Here’s a list of a few of my favorite educational mobile apps for school-age children.

1. How It Works?

Inquiring minds want to know. And this app is perfect for those kids ages 6 to 8 who are fascinated by natural phenomenon including volcanoes, planets and energy. This app uses interactive games, animation and short, digestible lessons to help explain how things work. This app is great for both readers and non-readers. This app also includes easy to understand experiments, which help to reinforce the concepts being taught. This app can be purchased and downloaded for $2.99.

2. Kids Academy

This app is geared toward children ages 2 through 6 how are just entering, enrolled in and preparing to graduate from preschool. This app addresses a wide range of subjects from math and writing to phonics and even reading. Your child will love the thousands of interactive games, puzzles and videos that Kids Academy. What’s even better about this app is that it provides ideas for off-screen activities that will help reinforce these ideas and provide the opportunity for hands-on learning. Some of the games include sorting and matching, which is great for your child’s fine motor skills and problem-solving. This app can be downloaded for free, though some in-app purchases may be required.

3. Kids Vocabulary, Grammar & Language Learning Games

This is a great app as a stepping stone into reading for learners under the age of 5. This app offers countless language-development games. But it’s not just about reading in this app. Many of the activities offer elements of math and science as well. As your child expands their knowledge and hones their skills, you can adjust the level of difficulty. This is the perfect app if you have multiple young learners in your home since each account can have up to 4 users. You may be wondering why all your children can’t simply use the same account. Another awesome feature of this app is individualized learning. Each of your children will use activities, lessons and games that are designed for their current learning level, needs and skills. The free version of this app has limited access. You can purchase the full version for $3.99. You may also need to pay a monthly or annual subscription fee.

4. Time, Money and Fractions On Track

We all know how frustrating math can be at times. Especially when it comes to things like fractions, money and time. Well, this app is the answer to all your mathematical prayers! Time. Money and Fractions On Track is available for $4.99 in the app store but is completely worth the money. The game is geared toward children between the ages of 6 and 7. This is about the time these concepts are introduced in school. Not only does Time, Money and Fractions On Track make learning fun with colorful images, graphics and funny sounds, but it also offers a stress-free learning environment. Children are scored or graded on the tasks they complete. This allows them to casually explore different concepts at their own pace, without fear of failure. This is an important step in building your child’s confidence as a learner.

5. Math Evolve –  A Fun Math Game

Does your child love video games? Well this game, which will only cost you $1, is customizable to your child’s age and resembles and arcade game. The game is designed for children over the age of 6 and covers concepts ranging from addition and subtraction up to multiplication and division. With customizable content, your child can adjust the difficulty as needed. And because they’ll feel like they’re playing a video game, it’s an educational win for everyone.

6. KidECook

Another awesome deal at just $1, this app will teach your child math skills through the joys of cooking. Your child will learn about weights, measurements and enhance their ability to follow directions. Each recipe requires that your child follow the step-by-step directions, adding the ingredients one at a time. Kids can count as they add them and must pay attention to the order in which they’re being asked to do so. The best part is, you can replicate these recipes in your very own kitchen, creating delicious and nutritious snacks.

Make screen time fun and educational with some of these awesome apps. Your kids will be having a blast while learning at the same time. These apps are a great way to reinforce learning, introduce new concepts and bring value and meaning to your child’s screen time.

I am a 32 year old mother of a son and wife to an officer. I am honest about both the love and struggle of parenting. I enjoy being active and writing is my passion, second only to my family.

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