Swings don’t have to just be for the outdoors. Bring one into your home, and it’ll change the way you and your family look at downtime. Whether it’s a modern take on an indoor baby swing or a rattan hanging chair, there are all sorts of ways to incorporate this feature into your home. In our quest to find unique indoor swings for the home, we found seven looks that we can’t stop obsessing over. See them all below.

Hanging Chair Swing

This hanging rattan chair is like a swing with an upgrade. A perfect place to read or relax, you can put it in almost any room in the house. 

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Swing with Vines

Amy Braswell

Designer Jen Talbot brought the magic of the outdoors inside for one lucky Brooklyn tot. This playroom features a woodsy theme with a vine-covered swing hanging from a life-size tree branch. The tree itself is a 100% felt tree and includes velcro-able lemons.

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Baby/Toddler Swing

Say goodbye to uncomfortable plastic swings and say hello to a design-forward cozy version instead. 

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Playroom Swing

Nat Rea Photo / Kate Jackson Design

In this room created by Kate Jackson Design, a kid-sized swing takes center stage surrounded by the colorful Ikea rug, table and chairs.

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Luxury Swing

Let playtime span generations with a luxury swing just for mom and dad. With dozens of designs and colors, you're sure to find the handmade swing that fits your style.

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Bedroom Swing

Boost the fun factor in your kids' bedroom with a swing. Since it'll need to be secure, make sure you get a pro to install it. 

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Hammock Chair

If you close your eyes and swing, you'll (almost) be able to hear the waves. Or, let your kiddo have their quiet time tucked away with a blanket and a love. Either way, a hammock chair is something the whole family can enjoy.  

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— Gabby Cullen with Erin Lem

Featured image: iStock 


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