Problem: You want to create a comfortable, happy haven for your little one, but have zero time to scour those design blogs—and what exactly is a “mood board,” anyway? Solution: Snag one of these innovative products that’ll make you look like a design pro in no time. From a play table that grows with your kid to actually writing on the walls, scroll down to see them all.

photo: Beddys

Problem: Your kids don’t make their bed.

Solution: The incredibly stylish all-in-one bedding from Beddy’s will give you Joanna-Gaines worthy beds in literally, seconds flat. How? The bedding essentially is like a comforter + sheet set that fits any size mattress (there’s even a toddler size). You simply zip it up along the sides to make a seamless look. Unzip to give yourself breathing room in the night, or keep it zipped up for coziness. Think of it like a giant lined sleeping bag for the fanciest bed in town. The sheet-lining is ridiculously soft and comfortable (we tested it ourselves) and comes in either cotton or “minky” line. In spite of our skepticism, washing them up was super easy. Added bonus? Your partner can’t kick the sheet down in the bed

See all the styles at:, from $129

Problem: You want a style-savvy rug, but you’re worried about the mess.

Solution: The play mats from Comfort Design Mats are completely waterproof, with cushy padding that make play easy for everyone from babies up to grade schoolers. Measuring in at 6 ½ by 4 ½ ft, there are 12 different designs, ranging from classic to contemporary, to choose from. Spills wipe up easily, and you can even put furniture on top of the mat, which gives it a real floor covering feel.

Available at Comfort Design Mats or Amazon, $139 & up.

Problem: You want your playroom to look Houzz worthy, but … kids

Solution: The hidden storage compartment in the poufs from Mimish Designs means you can sweep all those LEGO bricks, stuffies, LOL dolls or whatever else is on the floor, out of sight in mere seconds. Plus, if your home is short on storage space, these will be a lifesaver. Offered in various colors, there’s even room for athletic equipment!

Available at Mimish Designs, $64.99.

Problem: Wallpaper is totally in right now, but you don’t want to commit.

Solution: The removable wallpaper from Chasing Paper makes it easy for you to add a splash of something special without having to commit to the real stuff. There are all sorts of different prints to choose from, and we are totally crushing on the latest: Head in the Clouds. It’s easy to install too—the signature peel-and-stick fabric is printed-to-order in 2 x 4 ft. panels. 

Available at Chasing Paper, $40.

Problem: You need extra places for kids to sit, but you don’t have the storage space for tiny chairs.

Solution: These incredibly sleek stools from REN+RO look like a book, but when unfolded, become a sturdy place for kids to sit. The honeycomb structure of the recycled cardboard can handle up to 200 lbs of weight,  and when unfolded the dimensions are 12.5 X 11, which is perfect for kids. You can choose from all sorts of fun combos like Water + Melon, Pine + Apple, Ice Cream + Cone and Mexican + Blanket, and you get one felt top for every piece you pick. And, the best part? Each one weighs just over three lbs Basically, the art of paper folding just got a lot more interesting.

Available at REN + RO, $65.

Problem: Your kid needs a night light, but you don’t like traditional styles.

Solution: No doubt, a neon tabletop light is way more decor-savvy than a standard plug-in illuminating light. We especially like the new ones from Olive and Gal, because not only are they less than $100, but they’re designed with kids in mind. Made with a lightweight glass structure, they easily plug into a standard outlet.

Available at Oliver and Gal, $99.

Problem: You want to display your kids’ evolving art skills without feeling overwhelmed.

Solution: How about frames that make it easy for you to swap out art as the kids bring it home? Wexel frames are a sleek design made with clear acrylic and magnets, you just lift the top off and change out what’s being displayed. You can opt to buy a single wall unit, or splurge on a whole set that can be cleverly arranged for a real statement.

Available at Wexel, $49.99 & up.

Problem: You need a play table, but you’re worried she’ll outgrow it soon

Solution: Find a table, like this Grow with Me Table Delta Children, that has multiple heights so you can adjust as your child grows. Offered in three different finishes, it’s a perfect way to ensure your kids’ furniture gets good use.

Available at Delta Children, $99.


Problem: You still need to use blackout curtains, but hate the way they look.

Solution: Plenty of decor companies feel your pain, have started designing blackout curtain that doesn’t look like heavy duty plastic. This shade-version from Best Home Fashion has star cutouts for a stylishly whimsical look. You’ll still get the filtered light and privacy your kiddo needs for that daily power naps.

Available at Best Home Fashion, $39.99.

Problem: Your kids need somewhere to draw.

Solution: Available in 26 colors and two shapes (rectangles and circles), you’ll actually enjoy watching your tiny artist scribble all over the walls thanks to these whiteboard and chalkboard decals. Arrange the stick-on images in different patterns, orientations, and color combinations to bring a fun pop of color and a ready-made canvas for creativity in your child’s play space or bedroom! Check out the Chalk by Bilk website for layout inspiration.

Available at Chalk by Blik $12.

—Gabby Cullen with Katie Brown



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