While some ’90s fashion items may be coming back around (mom jeans, anyone?), it’s safe to say that some are best left in past. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take a trip down memory lane and share a laugh over ’90s hairstyles and trends we once wore with pride.  Scroll through our list and pay homage below.


Yin Yang Jewelry: Bonus points if you gave the other half to your BFF.


Mood rings might have turned your finger green, but we needed these drug store do-dads to tell us our true emotions.


With these shorts, no bike was required. These were cool just by being paired with a long t-shirt and sneakers.


You donned these sneakers before heading out to catch a performance by your favorite skater brand.


Scrunchies were equally as cool to wear on your wrist—you had one in every color and pattern.


When it came to bucket hats, the floppier, the better! 


The goal with your collection of butterfly clips? Fit as many onto your head as possible.


This footwear was IT during your grunge period and was best paired with flannel and baggy denim.


This swirly plastic necklace gave you a real edgy vibe. The Craft, anyone? 


Neon Windbreakers were essential for those brisk Skip-It sessions outside.


If tube tops were good enough for Britney and Christina, they were good enough for us.

Tinted sunglasses were the most stylish way to protect your eyes.


We'd like to think all of those Tommy Girl shirts are together somewhere and they're happy. 

Erik via Flickr

Overalls with one strap down—because fastening both would just take too much time.

Spaghetti strap tanks—worn over a t-shirt, of course. 


Platform slides were THE thing, and Steve Madden had a monopoly on your hard-earned babysitting cash. 


Literally anything from dELiA*s: You know you dog-eared every page in the catalog.

When it came to flannel, the style rule of the '90s was to size up!

What was your favorite ’90s fashion trend? Tell us below!

—Kaitlyn Kirby


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