This New Book Gives Parents An Opportunity To Explore Emotions With Their Kids

No matter if you’re a first-time parent, or a seasoned caregiver, observing your child wrestle with new or big emotions is inevitably a part of the role. We know that sometimes finding the words to soothe them or even knowing how to guide them can feel like a challenge.

We love finding resources that help kids to unlock a sense of self-awareness and discover the vocabulary needed to express themselves. These are key components of social and emotional learning after all.

A Spark in the Dark is a new, beautifully illustrated picture book that gives young readers—and their parents—an opportunity to think and talk about the wide ocean of human emotions. From sadness to fear and anger, emotions can be uncomfortable and challenging for little ones to convey. Written by author and illustrator Pam Fong, this children’s picture book can safely open the door to this exploration.

A Spark in the Dark is a wonderful addition to any child’s holiday gift list.

The Story

Pam’s rich and moody illustrations float readers through the dangers and marvels of the deep sea following an expressive little fish in search of its way home. Along the journey, the facial reactions of our little orange protagonist bring levity to what feels like very dark surroundings. 

The lessons learned are ones of bravery, self-awareness, and finding the light in your environment, without fearing the dark.

What Others Are Saying About A Spark in the Dark

“An exploration of light and darkness featuring a little orange fish. . . . The text—often white against the deep blues of the ocean—reassuringly notes that the darkness can make us feel frightened, lost, or angry, and many children will enjoy the comical expressions on the fish’s face. Art, layout, and text create a soothing and often humorous mood.” — Kirkus Reviews

Share this book with the grandparents, caregivers and fellow parents in your circle looking for creative ways to discuss the emotional building blocks of life.

A Spark in the Dark is on shelves now, get your book here!


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