After Ari declared his love for the zoo, Love and Lion‘s Leah went DIY on the ole’ animal theme and made her tot’s party a pop-art sensation. Decorations were bright on the chromatic scale, with plastic animals dangling from the ceiling to a feed bucket brimming with party favors. Not a single little critter left bored or hungry. Click through the photo gallery to be wowed.

Celebrating the Party Animal

This adorable photo collage shows off an ever-growing Ari. As part of an ongoing project, Leah took a picture of Ari, once a month and on the same chair. These photos were also used a year later for Ari's 3rd birthday!

What did you think of Ari’s second birthday? Don’t forget to share the love! 

— Christal Yuen

Photos courtesy of Love & Lion.


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