Ada Lovelace Day is here to inspire women in STEM

We love learning about awesome women, and Ada Lovelace is high up on our list! The daughter of Lord Byron and Annabella Milbank Byron, Ada was taught music, French, and mathematics at the insistence of her mother. This allowed her to work with her lifelong friend, Charles Babbage, on his invention – the Analytical Engine. She determined codes could be designed for it to carry out mathematical operations, and even wrote one as an example.

Ada Lovelace Day is celebrated on the second Tuesday of October (October 11th this year), and celebrates the achievements of women in STEM. Read on for ways to bring a little Ada Lovelace energy into your day-to-day!

Ada Lovelace Punchcard Pin

Ada Lovelace coding card

This pin is based on the punchcard code Ada Lovelace wrote for the Analytical Engine and comes with a fun card telling her story!

Ada Lovelace Punchcard Pin ($15) Here

Ada Lovelace Coffee Mug

Ada Lovelace coffee mug

STEM work requires fuel, and caffeinating is ultra-inspiring in this ceramic Ada Lovelace mug! It's also microwave and dishwasher safe.

Ada Lovelace Coffee Mug ($12.79) Here 

Ada Lovelace Print

Ada Lovelace print

This 11x14 print of Ada Lovelace shows her standing in front of the gears of the Charles Babbage Analytical Engine! It's a fabulous gift for the STEM-obsessed.

Ada Lovelace Print ($35) Here

STEMinist T-Shirt

Steminist t-shirt, hat, and bag, hanging on wall peg

This boyfriend-style tee is not only perfect for showcasing your support for women in STEM, but this shop donates 10% of its monthly profit to social justice causes!

STEMinist T-Shirt ($20.82+) Here

Clear Chemistry Drink Tumbler

Set of four beaker-shaped drinking tumblers

Everyone associates the Erlenmeyer flask with research and innovation, and this iconic symbol is on display in this fun drinking glass! Each is available with straw and silicon color choices.

Clear Chemistry Drink Tumbler ($39.99) Here

Little People, BIG DREAMS: Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace board book

This sweet book is part of the Little People, BIG DREAMS series by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara. It's full of adorable illustrations and two-sentence pages, perfect for ages 4-7 years!

Little People, BIG DREAMS: Ada Lovelace ($14.49) Here

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Chapter Book Collection

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls book box set

The creators of Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls brings this box set featuring five tales of real-life women in history, including Ada Lovelace. In addition to Ada Lovelace Cracks the Code, Madam C.J. Walker, Wangari Maathai, Junko Tabei, and Alicia Alonso are also featured in this collection!

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Chapter Book Collection ($36.54) Here

Build-Your-Own Robot Unicorn

Build-Your-Own Robot Unicorn

Their creativity will run wild with this set of 61 pieces that can be configured into 3 different designs! Instructions are included, or they can create their own.

Build-Your-Own Robot Unicorn ($25) Here

Phenomenal Women Discussion Card Deck

Phenomenal Women Discussion Deck

A set that highlights 60 incredible women, including Rosa Parks and Malala Yousafzai, that's sure to inspire and ignite important and insightful discussion!

Phenomenal Women Discussion Card Deck ($30) Here

STEAM Liquid Science Kit

Liquid Science Kit

Help kids ages 7 and up explore their inner scientist with this kit! It includes supplies for 15 science experiments in combination with common household items.

STEAM Liquid Science Kit ($14.99) Here

Creative Compounds Mega Kit

Creative Compounds Mega Set

Just add water! This kit contains 16 different polymers and compounds that are reusable and can be used in your garden when you're done. Create slime, a winter scene, water marbles, and more!

Creative Compounds Mega Kit ($17.50) Here

Beakers and Bubbles Foundation Chemistry Kit

Foundations Chemistry Set

Chemical reactions, molecular motion, and the effect of temperature; all of this and more is covered in the 28-page lab notebook designed for 8-12 year olds. This kit contains not only the lab notebook, but equipment and instructions for carrying out 19 experiments, too! 

Beakers and Bubbles Foundation Chemistry Kit ($44.99) Here

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