The World’s Easiest Houseplant Is Dropping at ALDI in January


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2020 saw many a plant parent born and raised, and the obsession doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. What many of us learned is that it’s not just about the right lighting or the right water, it’s about finding a plant that is as resilient as it is beautiful. Enter the Money Tree, aka Pachira aquatica. Rated as one of the most popular houseplants, ever and selling out from popular sites like Bloomscape and The Sill, you’ll soon be able to get this little beauty at your local ALDI.

In spite of its complex, braided trunk and lush looking leaves, this plant is as easy to care for as a faux plant. It can handle all kind of light conditions, including low light, and can take infrequent watering. While it has ideal conditions (watering when soil looks dry, keeping the air humid) it can take quite a bit of…ahem…neglect.

The tree gets its common name because it is thought to bring good luck and prosperity to the household, popular especially in Taiwanese and Chinese homes where the braids trap fortune.

It will come in at 5 inches tall and cost just $7.99. Gift yourself one on your next ALDI store run, beginning January 13.

—Amber Guetebier

photo courtesy ALDI 


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