Give your little ones an extra special bookshelf to keep their favorite stories with easy reach and watch them get psyched for story time, every time. From adjustable designs to bookcase storage complete with a seat, these kids’ bookcases and reading nooks have it all. 

Incredible Bookshelves for Kids: Monogrammed Bookcases

best bookcases for kids
WardasManufacture via Etsy

It doesn't get more personalized than having your name hold your favorite books. Whether you pick an initial or spell out the whole name—these plywood shelves can be left as is, or if you want, paint them a custom color when you get them home. 

To buy: WardasManufacture via Etsy, $365 per letter


Incredible Bookcases for Kids: Spruce Tree Bookcase

fun bookcases for kid's room
West Elm

This tree-inspired bookcase is so very meta—books are made from trees and now a tree is holding up the books. Durable and functional—each bookshelf can hold 12-15 books, but it can also support your kid's ever-growing collections of rocks, fallen leaves, and pinecones.  

To buy: West Elm, $229

Incredible Bookcases for Kids: Tractor Bookcase

cool bookshelves for kid's room
ImagineYourShelf via Etsy

Even little farmers like to pull up a good book and this handmade tractor certainly delivers. There is ample space for books and whatever else your agriculturist might need handy.

To buy: ImagineYourShelf via Etsy, $495

Incredible Bookshelves for Kids: All-in-One Book Nook

cool bookshelves for kid's room

Sure a regular bookshelf is great but a cozy, little reading nook? Even better. This all-in-one piece provides a comfy spot to sit while keeping your favorite books within easy reach.

To buy: Amazon, $235


Incredible Bookcases for Kids: English Phone Booth

incredible bookcases for kid's room

London's calling! This bookcase, re-imagined after the iconic English phone booth is both delightful and cheeky. Of course, if you want to take it to the next level, fill it with Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and your kid's Harry Potter collection.

To buy: Homary, $240

Incredible Bookcases for Kids: Cactus Bookcase

bookshelves for kid's room

If your vibe is more bohemian, then pick up this non-prickly cactus for your desert babe. Shelves vary in size which means those odd-shaped books will have a safe place to land. 

To buy:, $400

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Incredible Bookshelves for Kids: Dollhouse Bookcase


Keep favorite books and knickknacks safe at home with this house-within-a-house bookshelf. 

To buy: Amazon, $480

Incredible Bookshelves for Kids: Floating Books

DehaDesign via Etsy

Showcase up to 30 of your favorite books while turning them into wall art with DehaDesign's inventive display solution. 

To buy: DehaDesign via Etsy, $66

Incredible Bookshelves for Kids: Bookworm Shelf


The OG for floating, bendable shelves, this Kartell Bookworm never goes out of style. Curl it in a circle or have it trail along the wall, it can be modified to meet your ever-growing bookshelf needs. 

To buy: Kartell, $1065

Incredible Bookshelves for Kids: DIY Book Chair


If nothing will satisfy your little book lover until they can sit and (literally) surround themselves with their favorite tomes, then this DIY from Instructables is just for them. Inspired by the "Bibliochaise" that retails for $5,000, this one can be made for a tiny fraction of that cost. 

For more information, check out the book chair how-to on Instructables.


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