Whether your ride has three, two or even one wheel, there’s no doubt getting on a bike can take families on a wheely fantastic adventure. Imagine cutting through a forest or gaping at skyscrapers while pedaling down the path. Now take the scenic route and click through our album to see where in the world you can find the most kid-friendly trails.

Copenhagen, Denmark

A typical Danish family doesn’t own a car - they own bikes! In this two-wheeler’s dream city,  you can hitch on a trailer for your youngest and cycle anywhere in Copenhagen, from inside the city center to the waterfront where The Little Mermaid statue sits. Despite sharing the road with cars, the designated bike paths are incredibly wide and spacious.

Family Travel Tip: Be sure to lock up your bike at all times to prevent hasty travelers who need a quick transport.

Online: visitdenmark.com

 photo: Colville-Andersen via flickr

Have you been on any of these bike paths? Let us know in the comments below! 

— Christal Yuen

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