Whether your ride has three, two or even one wheel, there’s no doubt getting on a bike can take families on a wheely fantastic adventure. Imagine cutting through a forest or gaping at skyscrapers while pedaling down the path. Now take the scenic route and click through our album to see where in the world you can find the most kid-friendly trails.

Onomichi, Japan – Shimanami Kaido

Snaking around a series of small islands, the Shimanami Kaido is actually an expressway designed for the traveling cyclist in mind. This gentle path is a multi-day trip with plenty of pit stops for scenic photos of citrus groves, lessons in Japanese literature and cultural gems, like a ramen shop with 10 stools and worth the wait broth.

Family Travel Tip: Unless your kiddos are training for the Tour de France, feel free to take the ferry shortcuts! Ferries take about 10 miles off the ride and you’ll still be able to take in the views.

Online: japan-guide.com

photo: redlegsfan21 via flickr

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— Christal Yuen

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