18 INCREDIBLE Chalk Art Creations

You’ve always wanted to pull a Mary Poppins and pop into a chalk picture for the day.  Well, you can’t exactly enter these mind-bending, 3D chalk drawings, but it’s a close second.  Grab your kiddo and check out these 18 incredible sidewalk chalk arts that’ll make you do a double (or triple!) take.

Monopoly by Tracy Lee Stum

Roll the dice and where do you land? We could actually host a family game of Monopoly on this amazing “chalk” board by artist Tracy Lee Stum. As an international artist who also has a Guinness World Record under her name, Tracy has toured the world, sharing her imaginative, playful creations in cities like Macau and Dubai.

Can you believe that these drawings are not actually 3D? “Like” this story if your mind was blown! 

— Christal Yuen



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