Amazon Alexa’s New Skills for Parents Will Make the Newborn Days a Breeze


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Those first few months with a new baby are a blur of feedings and diaper changes. When you’re not getting much sleep it can be easy to lose track of time as days turn into nights and the nights turn back into days. Now Amazon can not only deliver diapers, wipes and sanity-saving products, they’re here to help you remember when you last fed and changed your little one with new baby care skills for Alexa.

Can’t remember which side you nursed on or when your baby’s last nap was? Ask Alexa. Your handy AI assistant can now make life with a newborn a little bit easier thanks to new voice-enabled baby care skills. In partnership with Hatch BabyBaby Connect and Wildflower Health Amazon has rolled out new Alexa Skills that can help track diaper changes, nursing sessions, bottle feeding, sleep schedules and baby weight.

photo: Hatch Baby

There are already many apps that can perform the same task, but when you’re too tired to even remember where your phone is, it’s much easier to simply say, “Alexa, record a diaper change,” or “Alexa, start nursing from the left.” You don’t even have to be formal with Alexa. She’ll also accept “Alexa, log a poopy diaper.”

All three baby tracking apps offer dozens of Alexa commands that will automatically record and save the data within the app so you can access it later, which is the perfect feature for those well check-ups when your doctor wants to know all about baby’s growth and habits. You can also simply ask Alexa to repeat any info back to you, like “Alexa, when was the last feeding?”

The skills are all free to enable and once you’ve downloaded the individual apps they can record the data, including things like baby weight and other stats from your well visits.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Amazon



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